10 Cool Chrome Extensions for YouTube

YouTube is perhaps one of the most trending online video streaming platforms available so far. It brings to you one of the unique features and I guess you are well aware of the extension which is available in the Google Chrome browser.

These utility tools are of great help in terms of working using the chrome browser, as it eases the workload with their features and functionalities respectively. Besides helping in easing the works, these extensions are also very helpful in preventing heavy usage of storage, as there is no requirement to install any other third party tools from the internet. I hope you find this article helpful for you please leave your comment below in the box and share it as much as possible with your friends, co-workers, and family as well.

If you are looking for some of the most exciting extensions for your Google chrome browser then you have visited the right page. Here I have brought to you the list of top 10 chrome extensions for YouTube checks them out as mentioned below.

List of Top 10 chrome extension for YouTube

Chrome extensions come in handy and are very useful in terms of usage while working online using the chrome browser and also it does help in a lot of ways. These are perhaps among the best utility tools that other web browsers don’t offer for the users. These extensions can also be used while browsing through or streaming videos on YouTube. So, without any further ado, check them out.

1# Magic Actions

Magic Actions is one of the extensions developed for Chrome extensions which come with lots of features in YouTube. Some of its important features are like the control volume ability using the mouse wheel or the right-click button or by taking the screenshots of the video, video preview, the ratings, day or night mode, cinema mode with lots of themes, control buffer and the bypass country restrictions as well.

Magic actions add a button in the address bar where it is visible while opening YouTube in your PC browser. Now go for the button and in the options set up all the features for customizing your experiences.

2# SmartVideo For YouTube

As you know the YouTube Optimizer or the Enhance which provides you a “Smart Buffer” for a very slow connection, auto loop, quality selection and buffer preferences, etc. Well, SmartVideo for YouTube gives you the best control on YouTube video buffering, playing mode and the picture quality of video as well.

It works with all of the embedded or the HTML5 YouTube Videos it might be for the for the news feed of the social media site like the Facebook videos or the videos from the YouTube.

3# GIFit!

Using the GIFit! The extension provided in the Google Chrome you will easily able to make GIFs from any of the YouTube Videos and share it in any way you wanted it. Even though YouTube can develop GIFs on its own but it comes with missing out of the customization options and quite complicated. It is perhaps one of the best Google chrome extension which is perfect for creating the GIFs from the videos taken from the YouTube.

Get started opening the YouTube video player and click on the GIFit! button in the bottom of the bar for getting started. The adjustment of the height, frame rate, width and quality can be adjusted as well.

4# Turn Off the Lights

The entire segment of the page will turn into darkness in such a way that you will be able to experience watching movies exactly like it happens in cinema theaters. Using the single click on the “lamp button” the page segment will turn into a darkness which enables you to focus directly on the preferable video. Also for going to the previous page you will require clicking on it again into the normal state.

Turn Off the Lights is an amazing Lite is a size which has some of the added designed features that make you comfortable in the field of watching videos. It is popular for the famous sites such as the YouTube, Hulu, and Metcafe. You can the automatic HD mode for playing HD resolution videos and others picture quality as well.


5# Video Blocker

If you are looking for extension using which you can block any videos which you find inappropriate and hate to see being popped up on the YouTube. Video Blocker is the right choice for you as it helps you to block the unwanted that you come across each time you do a video search on YouTube.

In order to block the video, you just have to click on the video from the YouTube Channel and the selected video will be completely blocked and removed from the YouTube channel. Also, you can choose the particular keyword or videos or the name of the channel that you wish to block from the YouTube.

6# Video Preview

YouTube are perhaps designed with a single picture displayed on the video which can go hard sometimes with all the contents and the features. Using the Video Preview Google chrome extension you will be able to view into three preview pictures choose from the part of the video that offers you an idea of the contents.

You will also notice that on the top of a bar that is at the bottom of the features picture you will notice likes or dislikes options for the video. Most importantly the preview of the video extension will save your time and you can know in advance whether the video you choose is worth watching or ignoring.

7# YouTube Plus

YouTube Plus is one of the amazing Google Chrome extensions which bring to you a unique feature that enables you to automatically create a playlist of your own selecting from your subscription list.

Moreover, there are multiple features that this extension performs such as infinite scroll in feeds, static audio volume, different video layouts, the capability to select video quality and much more which collectively gives its users amazing experience. Another feature that YouTube Plus gives you is that you can block videos from channels by the option built-in-block button.

8#Ratings Preview

The Rating Preview displays all the rating of your Youtube videos such as likes and dislikes under the thumbnail bar. This extension has many options for customizations which you can easily make use of.


Moreover, there are many additional features such as changing the thickness of the bar and the color as well, which can be easily done. Another interesting feature is the rating system which is determined through the algorithms which are automatically inbuilt in this extension.

9#Smart Pause

This is a very useful Chrome extension that helps in an automatic pause of your screaming YouTube videos, whenever you forget to close the tab and leave your computer.

So, you no longer need to worry about since Smart Pause is doing a good job for you by letting the open tab pause until you get back on your desktop again. So, these amazing features let you continue your works side by side.


The BriefTube is an amazing Chrome extension that enables you to create a summary of lots in the automatic video selection and it also gives you a short description of the contents of the video.

Some of the amazing features of this extension are English Subtitles, educational videos along with chapter; you can choose chapters and much more. Some of the disadvantages of BriefTube are that it only works on videos.



Final Words:

These above mentioned Top 10 chrome extensions for YouTube are basically utility tools provided by the chrome browser, which can be found in the app store of chrome browser. These extensions can only be obtained from the online. There are no prior ways to obtain these tools from anywhere else, and also these extensions cannot be used in any other web browsers rather than chrome browser itself.

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