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Auto Add All Friends to Any Facebook Group In One Click 2016

Do you know that you can add all your friends to facebook group in just a single click? This guide will help you learn how to auto add friends to facebook group with a single click and create a huge group with a large number of members to hang out with.

Facebook groups are the best place to hangout as you can talk to any member of the group freely and there are no limitations except the admin ban you from the group. Facebook groups are also the best place to make new friends over Facebook. Being a blogger, I’ve personally made so many good friends from different facebook groups and they help me whenever I’m in trouble.

So, in order to create a big facebook group with 1000s of members, either you or some of the group member need to add members personally. But, adding 1000s of friends manually is a very tiring and time-consuming process.

When I was new in blogging field, I also tried to make big facebook groups but due to lack of knowledge I tried doing it manually and lastly gave up after adding just 200 friends. Luckily, a few weeks later I came to know that we can also add all friends in FB groups on auto-pilot.

As there might be many other people like you and me who will be facing the same problems, I decided to share these methods here on my blog. Since, all the methods, scripts or apps are personally tested you need not to worry about security.

I’ve been using some of these methods for over 2 years now and I can guarantee it won’t affect your account at all.

So, this article will help you learn how to add all facebook friends in a group at once.

How to Add All Friends to Fb Group By Single Click

In this step by step tutorial, I will guide you through the complete process of adding all friends to facebook groups at once in 2016. Instead of a single method, here I’m going to show you all the methods possible to add friends in groups and you can select any one you like or you’re comfortable with.

I’ve also shared how to accept all pending facebook friend requests at once.

Let’s get started!

Add All Friends to Facebook Group Javascript Code (Updated)

In this method, we’re going to use a piece of javascript code and put it in our browser and it will automatically add all the people in your friend list to the respective facebook group. The best thing about this trick is that it works with all the browsers.

I’ve personally tested this with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as I use these two browsers only.

Steps to Add All Friends to Facebook Group Using Script

1. First of all, Log in to your Facebook account with email address and password.

2. Then, open any Facebook group, you want to add members in.

3. Now, press F12 or click Ctrl+Shift+I to open search console box.

4. After that download the javascript code from the below link.

[button-green url=”http://pastebin.com/kKmtjK5B” target=”” position=”CENTER”]DOWNLOAD SCRIPT[/button-green]

5. Now, copy the whole javascript code and paste it into search console input area and press Enter. (In chrome browser, before pasting the code you need to click on clear search console option at the top-left of console bar)

6. This will launch the script into the browser and it will start adding all your facebook friends to the group.

Important NoteIf you’ve too many friends in your friend list (ex. 1000+), then you might get blocked for adding too many members at once. So, simply close the window once you’ve added 500 members to the group. After 30 minutes, repeat the same process and you will be able to add all friends to any Facebook group without getting blocked.

Add Friends to Fb Groups Using Google Chrome Extensions

In this method, we’ll make use of free chrome extensions available in the Google Chrome Web store. All you’ve to do is to install the chrome extensions in your browser and use them following the below step by step tutorial.

We’re going to use the below two chrome extensions here and you can select anyone from them you’re comfortable with.

  • Facebook friends to group adder extension.
  • Facebook group invite all extension.

Using “Facebook Friends to Group Adder” Extension

This is a great chrome extension to add friends to facebook group. The best thing about this chrome extension is that it allows you to enter the number of friends you want to add in your group which will save you from getting blocked by Facebook.

1. First of all, download and install the chrome extension from this button.

2. Login to your Facebook account with your credentials.

3. Now, open Facebook group in which you want to add your friends.

4. Then, click on the “Facebook Friends to Group Adder” extension icon beside the address bar.

5. Now, a new pop-up will appear on your screen asking you to enter the number of friends you want to add in your group. Select any number below 600 and press Enter.

6. The extension will add your friends to the group and you can check it by refreshing the window.

7. Hurray! You successfully added your facebook friends in a group at a single click. 😉

Using “Facebook Group Invite All” Extension

1. Again, first step is to download and install the chrome extension from this button

facebook extension chrome


2. Log in to your Facebook account with email and password.

3. Now, open your Facebook group in which you want to add your friends.

4. Then, scroll down your friends list in the sidebar till the end.

5. Now, click on “Facebook Group Invite All” extension icon beside the address bar.

6. Now, all your friends will automatically get added into the group.

7. Hurray! Again you’ve successfully added your facebook friends in a group at a single click. 😀

Important NoteDon’t use this method vigorously as it might lead to a block from Facebook. Use it only once or max. twice in a day.

Final Words

So, this was the complete step by step tutorial to add friends to Facebook group by a single click in 2016 using different methods. Here we’ve tried to put every method possible to add friends to Fb groups so that you can choose your desired method from a variety of options.

The best thing about these methods is that these are easy to use and very fast. Properly using them can also allow you to add 1000s of Facebook friends to any group without facing any block or ban.

If you ask me, “Facebook friends to Group Adder” extension method has an advantage over the other two methods as it really very easy to use, allows you to enter the exact number of friends to be added and also you need not worry about saving the javascript code separately and securely.

What do you think? Is there any other method to add facebook friend to the group that you like and I forgot to mention? Tell us in the comments.

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