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Android Call Recorder : Best of 2016

There are times when we need to keep record of our certain conversations. Be it an important call from your boss, while you are unable to take down important points he mentioned and neither you can keep in mind the long list stuffs; or be it a serious conversation with someone which you need to keep it as proof of what all you have discussed about.

Android call recorder


There can be many more situations on your way, when you need to record the voice conversation for further use or information. An efficient Android call recorder can take care of such requirements.

Best Android Call Recorder

If you are using an Android Smartphone, things can be easier for you. As there are tons of android call recorder apps available in Google play, hence all of them are not as effective as they states in their product description. So, don’t get confused with a long list that Google shows you up.

Based on my personal experience, here I have listed out some of the best and latest Android call recorder which were out in the market in the recent days. Help yourself with list below.

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Automatic Call Recorder

With this app, you can record any call. But as you don’t need to save all of them, this app allows you to select which call to be saved and which one to be ignored. Keep your phone on speaker mode while talking and yes, with app’s auto-on feature enabled.


Once you have saved a conversation you can search for it later with contact number, name, or note which you have saved with a certain record. There are multiple default settings for automatic call records such as Record everything, Ignore everything, and Ignore contacts.

The free version comes with limited feature, however they are very useful. With the premium version you will able to set particular contacts on automatic call record.

Automatic Call Recorder 2016

The latest free version of this Android call recorder app is just like its previous pro version. So you don’t really need to spend extra bucks on it while having all the awesome features. You can easily record all the incoming and outgoing calls. Choose which one is important and to be saved. Also you can choose which call to be recorded and which one is to be ignored.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro


Using the app, you can record all the important conversations stored in your SD card. Listen to the saved records, and delete it if you are done with it. The app is absolutely free of cost.


Call Recorder – ACR

This one looks better with its easy-to-use interface. This app is considered as one of the best Android call recorder app available in Google Play. The app comes with many efficient features. There are different modes of recording which include number, contact, non-contact or selected contacts.

Call Recorder – ACR


You can have multi selecting option for you want to delete or share the records. You can mark the important calls and simply keep other calls to be auto deleted after a particular time. There are different formats of records from which you ca choose the best suits your device.

Also you can keep a password to keep your call records safe from others. With its Pro version more features can be available such as Auto email, Auto or Manual call recording, Dropbox integration, Google Drive Integration and more.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro

The most important feature of this call recorder app is its built-in shake-on feature, which starts recording your important conversation once you shake your phone during a call. One more important stuff about the app is, it create quality recordings of MP3 High Audio Quality. You can sync the app with linked Dropbox account automatically.

Android call recorder


Yes, you can choose various modes of call records. You can even choose each file separately for Dropbox sync. With its premium version the app offers you more and more.


Call Recorder- Automatic

You can choose which contacts call to be recorded automatically. Select which incoming/outgoing call to be recorded or ignored. Save the important one after pre-listening to it. Everything is real easy. In addition, you can share those records as you wish.

Call Recorder- Automatic


Just keep the auto-pilot on and it will record every call automatically. Sort out the record list by file names or group by dates. The free version of this app comes with various AD. You may upgrade to its premium version in order to get rid of those Ads.


All of the Android Call Recorder apps mentioned in list above are useful in their own way. It’s up to you to find out which one suits your work better. The features you can get from the free versions are effective enough that you may hardly want to go for the premium versions. However, paid versions are more effective and useful ones.

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