Attitude Short Status for Whatsapp for your Friends and Love Ones

Whatsapp is a very important social networking site in the present age. Through Whatsapp, we can stay connected with our close ones those who are using Whatsapp. In almost all the social networking sites we can chat but apart from chatting we can call, share images, videos and other media files in Whatsapp. We also can put status in Whatsapp. A status is a glimpse of a person, so it is very important for us to put something which can describe us properly. That’s the reason we should put some catchy lines which reflect our character and personality. We get only 140 letters there to put a status. So it is very important for us to put an attitude short status in Whatsapp within this limit. Here is a guidance by which you can put some pretty good attitude short status for Whatsapp.

attitude short status for whatsapp

In modern world attitude is everything. So it is very important for us to show attitude. A person without attitude is nothing. A positive attitude helps us to create an impression on others. So we need to put our Whatsapp status like that only. But before updating an attitude short status for Whatsapp we must stay aware that the display image we are using, it is going perfectly with the status.

Many people are there who checks the Whatsapp status of others regularly. And one attitude short status in Whatsapp can change the way of thinking of that particular person. After getting a number of someones or while checking someone in Whatsapp from the list when the first thing we notice is their display image and then we read their status. Sometimes we just start liking someone by seeing their Whatsapp status. An attitude short status in WhatsApp helps us to impress others too. Here goes some attitude short status for Whatsapp.

Attitude Short Status for Whatsapp Best Collections:

attitude status

  • When I tried to act matured people said I am changed.
  • I always speak the truth and people think I am insulting them.
  • Yes! I am changed because I grew up and you should try that too.
  • People think I am a bad person, but they don’t know how worst I am!
  • I never fight with my enemies; my success does that for me.
  • People think I am egoistic because of my attitude but I don’t care.
  • I am poor because I can never pay attention to anyone.
    attitude status
  • I was born cool, thanks to the global warming for making me hot.
  • People always try to bring me down, means I am above them.
  • Don’t waste your time by checking my status, do something productive.
  • Life is too short to update a status.
  • Need someone? Just text me once.
  • If you want to know me better, stop reading my status and leave a text.
  • Believe in rumors or believe me, the choice is yours.
  • I love my lover because he/she doesn’t exist.

I hope you find something new in this article which will help you to update an attitude short status for Whatsapp. As I said before a status can change what a person thinks about you. So before updating any status makes sure it has the contents which go well with your attitude and personality. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to leave your precious comment in the comment section

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