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Benefits of the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Before this article discusses the companies that offer dedicated server hosting and servers for small business for the year 2016, let us get to know what exactly a dedicated server is and what does it provide to the user and the website.

The simplest, and may be the best, way to describe a dedicated server is that it hosts or caters to only one website. Putting your hard-earned money in such hosting service provides the users with two major benefits and these are reliability and stability. Naturally, reliability comes with quality. A hosting server that has proven its quality services to previous users are reliable. Furthermore, good service hosting reliability means promising percentage for your website’s uptime and an impressive monitoring and securing of data transfers. This will result to better users’ web page navigation.

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Another benefit is the fact that the dedicated server for small business gets all the server’s resources such as storage capacity, RAM, bandwidth and CPU, increasing the positive performance and loading speed of the web pages.

Aside from the resources, the dedicated server hosting gives you the liberty to handle your own website without having to worry about other websites. You can even customize your resources to tighten the security of your website and make it impenetrable against potentials that may compromise your system. But unlike the affordable costs of shared and VPS hosting, the downside of a dedicated server is its expensive cost, which should encourage you to employ the server properly and accordingly. Buying but not developing the server would definitely be a waste of your financial and time resources.

2016’s Best Dedicated Server Hosting

To make sure that you have used money for the servers for small business wisely, here is a list of companies that provide the best dedicated server hosting for the year 2016, according to PC Mag. You have the choice to avail of their services or look for much affordable dedicated server hosting.

1. 1&1

The initial cost of 1&1’s dedicated server hosting is $59.99. For having the least price, it provides the highest random access memory (RAM) and the biggest storage capacity in this list – at least 128GB RAM and 6TB storage space. It also offers the following:
– unlimited data transfers every month
– compatible with Linux and Windows servers
– has a 24/7 customer support

2. HostGator

The cost of HostGator’s dedicated server ranges from $76.56 to $115.94. Apparently, it provides a maximum of 16GB RAM and 1TB storage capacity. However, it does give an unlimited data transfers making as one the of the companies that offer the best dedicated server hosting service. Aside from these features, HostGator also offers the following:
– compatible with Linux and Windows servers
– has a 24/7 customer support

3. BlueHost

This web hosting company offers reliable servers for small business that has a price range from $74.99 to $124.99. Although it does not offer an unlimited data transfer like 1&1, BlueHost provides a maximum of 16GB RAM and 1TB storage capacity. All of its dedicated server packages are inclusive of one domain and up to 5 IP addresses for free.

While it is compatible with Linux servers, BlueHost’s dedicated server does not cater to Windows servers. In cases when you need help, you can call them anytime since the company provides a 24/7 customer service support.

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