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Google Adsense can be a really great choice if you want to get the little extra money from your website, blog, video etc. But Adsense comes with its own limitation that you always have to keep in mind and once you ignore those, you are sure to wake up next day to receive a message from google saying “Your Google Adsense account has been disabled or temporarily banned”. This can be a real headache as you now need to find an alternative not knowing which would be a good one. you don’t want to swap out your blog window with ads that you don’t want.

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So if you just go banned and if you are searching for a good Google Adsense alternative then you came to the right place. As today I am going to talk about 5 of the best Adsense alternative that you can choose from for yourself right now.

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Without further delay, let us have a look at the best Adsense alternatives that you can get for your website or blog to start earning a little more without hampering your website goodwill.

Choose from the Best Adsense Alternatives of 2017:

1. Media .net: can be your first choice if you are searching for an Adsense alternative. Media .net is an Adsense by Yahoo and Bing which has been developed for modern ads for advertisers as well as publishers. With over 500+ employees, Media. net works over to provide with the best you can choose from as an Adsense alternative. is a globally running 2nd largest contextual ads providing a program which is branched & situated in Bangalore, Mumbai, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York and Zurich.

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Media .net mainly deals with contextual ads managing technological, business relationship and provides with world wide service. So if you are searching for a great alternative to Google Adsense then is the closest that you can get with monetization being their first priority, With the most advanced outlay for consumers needs & study their needs you are sure to get registered with within a short period of time.

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As per our own experience, we go our application for AdSense approved within 48hours which takes weeks when you apply for Google Adsense. Not just that, we were also able to get an extra income of 10% for the first 3 months, which was indeed a great bonus. And unlike Google Adsense you are not bound to much restricts too.

2. InfoLinks:

Second on the list of Google Adsense alternative is the InfoLinks. With InfoLinks you will be able to get access to many premium features and with over 200,0000 online publishers in over 128 different countries you are sure to be one of the satisfied bloggers too. You won’t get any interference with your user experience and you can get a really pleasant experience with their FREE to use native ads.

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You can customize the InfoLink according to your need which will allow you to get the most out of your traffic. You don’t need any setup fee or minimum traffic requirement or page view requirements that you have to follow with many other Adsense alternatives. Infolinks is one of the leading ad providers and manager for much big time organization and websites like FaceBook, Eday, Amazon, Pizza Hut, Hyundai and many other well-known brands.

3. PropellerAds Media:

PropellerAdsMedai was first brought up in the market in the year 2011 and since then they have provided with ad management on web sites and venue management with much satisfaction. Not just that Propeller Ads Media has been noted to be one of the highest Cost Per Thousand, so if you already have a website or blog with more than 1000 views per day, get Propeller Ads Media right now and enjoy every extra bit of income.

google adsense alternatives

With Propeller Ads Media you can easily monetize your blogs which can be related to videos or music, entertainment, dating, softwares, games, gambling, finance and much more. Where as many of these niches are not pulled over by Adsense, Propeller Ads Media cover all the blogs that you want to deal with. And for those who are finding it difficult to monetize in countries like Turkey, South Africa, Singapore, India etc, Propeller Ads Media can offer you with that extra income that you always wanted.

4. PopCash:

Pop cash is just what the name says is, you put in PopCash with your blog and you are ready to pop in money. PopCash has been helping many blogger and website owners to earn money for over 4 years. With a huge amount of Cost per Thousand just like Propeller Ads Media, PopCash is definitely one of the best Adsense alternatives that you can get.

PopCash is optimized for both mobile devices as well as PC which means you won’t have to take a headache to customize your ad space.Pop cash allows you to get paid through different common payment methods which mean you won’t have to worry about running around with account details when it’s time for receiving payment. PopCash pays through Paypal, Paxum and Payza which are one of the most secure sources of payments and the payment time ranges from 24 hours to 48 hours all over the world which isn’t bad at all.

5. Chitika:

Last but not the least, Chitika is also a great alternative to Google Adsense. With Chitika, you will be able to customize your ads as you want to and one for the best feature of Chitika is that you can run it while you are already running Adsense. As a starter if your Ad income is low, you can be sure that you can withdraw it as the least amount that you need to have to withdraw is just $10 for Paypal users and $50 for cheque users.

Chitika is definitely a great choice for starters as you don’t need to work much on it, as well as you can get quite a handsome amount of money with customized ads which won’t give out any negative effect on your Website.

So these were the list of the top5 best alternatives of Google Adsense that you can choose from. If you got your Adsense banned or if you haven’t yet tried any ads on your website at all, these are a great starter as well as pro Adsense alternative of 2017.

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