Best Animated Movies That You Should Watch

Animated movies have become so popular within a short period of a span. Development of animation technology has revolutionized the film industries. The animation is now becoming one of the crucial parts in film industries and used abundantly. You can easily distinguish the animated movies.

animated movies

Animated movies are a motion picture where the arts, drawings etc are placed in sequence. It is played framed by framed one after one, as that gives the illusion of movements. Usually, the drawings are drawn in such a way that the difference between the drawings is little from the preceding one.

There are countless numbers of animated movies available on the internet around the globe. Thousands are being in process, as the demands of animated movies are increasing day by day. The film industries have started to give priorities to animated movies more. It is not so difficult to find the best-animated movies in this era of internet and there is also Google search engine.

However, I have provided the list of best-animated movies according to their ratings and popularity. Subscribe to this website and keep yourself updated with our latest news and stories. Check out the lists of best-animated movies given below.

List of Best Animated Movies

The movies listed here are best of my own personal experience. I have listed them according to their genre, for example, actions, fairy tale, Adventure, comedy. Check it out below.

Best Animated Action Movies-

Naruto series

Naruto is one of the most popular anime movies /series. Initially originated from Japan and produced by studio Pierrot, and Aniplex. The anime characters created by Masashi Kishimoto. It is a story about a ninja and the Naruto Uzumaki is the main character. He constantly searches for the ways and paths of becoming Hokage.

animation movies

Hokage means the strongest and voluble ninja in the village and taken as a leader of ninja community. All of the series are spectacular and unique. The voice casting is great, animation and cameras are at a good angle. Naruto is all in one perfect movie/series.


Batman animation movies are also one of the top animated movies when it comes to the point of listing the animated movie. All the released Batman movies are a perfect action animated movie for all time.

animated batman movies

Batman is a superhero movie. The main character of the movie is Bruce he is the main hero of the movies known as batman. There are many Batman movies released until today and all of them are very interesting action animated movies. However, I personally like the Batman under Red Hood series.

Best Animated Fairy-Tale Movie


This movie is the 50th release of the Disney production. It was taken from the original story Rapunzel published in 1812, and later Disney remade it and published it in 2010 named as Tangled. The main fact of the story is about a young girl with its magical long hair.

tangled movies

What happens One day? An evil witch kidnapped the young girl (princess) from the palace and kept her in an isolated tower for years. One day a young charming guy accidently found the tower and their starts the love story between them and at last he rescues her from the evil witch and lived their life together happy ever after.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the beast movie was released in 1991. It is one of the most successful movies of the Disney production in the genre of fairy tales. One of the famous French writer named as Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve is the main author of the story, which was first released on 1740, and the Disney version (1991) was taken from there. Usually, both of the stories follows the same story line but in the Disney version minor changes has been adopted.

beauty and the beast

The main fact of the story is that there was a rich king who was living in his big palace. One day he was cursed by a witch because of his cruelty towards the ugly old witch, and the curse turned him into a beast. One day a young beautiful girl came in his palace and rescues him from the curse. After that, they got married and live their life happily ever after.

Best Animated Funny Movies-

Kung Fu Panda

Kung fu panda the name itself describe everything. This movie was a blockbuster hit, perfectly directed by Mark Osborne and John Stevenson. Initially, it was released on July 11, 2008, by the production house dream work’s animation. There are totally three releases of kung fu panda, kung fu panda 1 (2008), kung fu panda 2(2011), kung fu panda 3(2016).

kung fu panda animation

Kung fu panda is about a funny panda (beer), who find himself as a dragon warrior, and battle against the unfriendly forces together with the five furious mates. All the three releases of this movie are spectacular. Although the maximum characters of all three releases remain same only the enemies are changed in every part of the movie.

Ronel Barbarian

This movie is about a young Barbarian Ronal. He is weak and skinny living in a barbarian village with some muscular barbarian. What happens one day? The entire barbarian living in those villages was kidnapped by an evil Volcazar, and the weakest one Ronel barbarian saved them from the evil volcazar.

best animation movies

It’s very funny and interesting comedy movie produced by Trine Heidegaard and directed by three people Kresten Vestbjerg Anderson, Thorbjom Christoffersen, Philip Einstien Lipski. Initially, this movie was released on September 29, 2011.


These are some of the Animated movies that you would not want to miss for sure. You can simply download these movies from the open website and enjoy watching. Hope so you do like my collections of Movies. For more latest animated movies updates, stay tuned with us.

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