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Sometimes it’s better if you learn by yourself. You cannot just expect everything from a single lecturer or teacher all the time. Therefore, there are numbers of online sites on the internet so that you can learn whatever you want. Some come for free, and some come with a minimum price. Edureka is one of such sites, and there are many positive Edureka Review which makes it one of the best. However, the sites I’m sharing with you today are free of cost.


online learning sites

It bugged me, and I was quite confused as I couldn’t get the exact site I was looking for. I had to spend a lot of time surfing on the internet just to find the particular site. I was going round and round. Then I thought why not help you, maybe you are going through the same problem that I faced.

Today’s topic on best free online learning sites is to help you find the exact place and the exact course. I have categorized in order so that things don’t get complicated. Following are the sites, just look into it.

List of best online learning sites:

Art & Music:

art and music

  • offers you music and theater arts course material, multimedia, projects, content, and some of the best free online education on music. The course comprises of early music, literature, Schubertt to Debussy, culture and the supernatural in music.
  • you can find free music lessons from this college with their incredible resources where you will be offered a collection of self-contained music lessons. The lessons will include guitar chords, voice lessons, and music business lessons.
  • this department offers only one course, and that is music, but it is superb. The course will help you explore with western music plus will help you listen to varieties of musical styles.

Science and engineering:



  • it is the place where you are offered a peek at the prospective power of internet where open course consortium has set a new benchmark in its online education. It has its network in worldwide with over 20 languages, and all of the courses are absolutely free.
  • this website offers live webcast every month and gives you the priority of interacting with some of the most brilliant people working in technology and development. The courses include free on demand.
  • this is a place where you get online courses by the dynamic educator from renowned universities. The courses are mainly focused on technology and engineering. You can also find subjects that will interest small business owners. 

Web design/development:


web designing sites

  • Com: if you are looking for a start-up with the most basic lessons in HTML and CSS, then this is the place. At first, the site looks boring as it is less colorful compared to other web training site. But don’t underestimate it. It will surprise you.
  • Com: Treehouse offers web design training in HTML and CSS, web development, and creating of apps. However, you will be charged for its service, but the tutorial videos are very professional that covers every corner of web design.
  • it I an open education program in the online community. It offers free training for web design that includes CSS, PHP, and HTML.

I can understand the problems of finding a course on the internet. Many of us prefer free education and so do you including me. The above sites are all for free. It has helped me in many good ways. I believe it will help you too. Apart from the above information, I have given, if you have any further inquiries then do let me in the comment section.

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