Best Way To Send Mass Email Salesforce

For the marketing and development departments, email is the main source of common communication and helps the organization in communicating with current and prospective customers in a highly cost effective and personalized manner.

There has been a good debate on finding the best way to send mass email Salesforce and the most prominent one has been whether to use native Salesforce CRM capabilities or any specialized email marketing app from AppExchange.

About Native way to send mass email Salesforce

Cost- With Salesforce native application, you can send mass email Salesforce to a recipient list which consists of contacts, leads, personal accounts or the users you can view in Salesforce at no extra cost.

Volume- All enterprise edition users can send mass email to max 500 external email addresses at no extra cost involved.

send mass email Salesforce


Recipients- It is possible to send mass email Salesforce to both contacts and Leads but you need to use separate blasts for that.

Templates- It is possible to create 3 types of email templates using native application. These are HTML, text and Visualforce. Text and HTML templates have limited design capability but are easy to create. Visualforce is a powerful tool and has advanced capabilities.

Tracking- Tracking is possible and an HTML email can be tracked which was sent from Salesforce. But the date when it was opened can only be tracked along with a number of times it was opened and the date when it was recently opened.

Whitelist- It has to be noted that the Salesforce mass emails are not whitelisted and this means that the mails you have sent through the native application might end up in the spam folder of the recipient.

AppExchange solutions for email marketing

The AppExchange is the perfect place for you if your needs are more than those fulfilled by the native Salesforce mass email solution. AppExchange is a collection of cloud computing apps and all these applications are pre-integrated with Salesforce. The mass email applications with AppExchange provide capabilities to build segmented lists, creation, and distribution of customized email templates and tracking post drop activities.

When you choose an AppExchange solution to send mass email Salesforce, consider the following points-

  • Volume- Consider how many contacts and leads are there in your list and how many email blasts you need per month
  • Opt-in/Out- A good solution for mass email should have the ability to provide opt-in and out feature for the mailing lists.
  • Reporting and tracking features- Consider whether the application you choose has some good reporting features and tracking abilities. You should be able to evaluate the success of your campaigns with real-time key results.
  • Social media integration- Whether you can share your messages on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Templates- providing ability to create template based emails with an easy to use wizard
  • Pricing- Affordable

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