How To Check SBI Bank Account Balance Enquiry Via Miss Call?

Presently, all recognized banks have effectively launched a miscall service and facility, through which you can easily check your account balanced. In this miss call service you don’t need to go to the bank for any matters; also here through your mobile phone you can get all the detail information about your bank account. Nowadays all banks also have their own keen and useful Toll free number. So that all the customer of the bank can give missed calls to acquire their own account balance or other information in the form of text message. This exceptional service and facility is totally free.



Looking in India SBI (State Bank of India) it is one of the most famous and popular banks who has the most customer. So, if you have a valid account already in the SBI, then now you can enjoy all the facilities that are provided by the banks. And also now, if you want to know about the missed call service facility for checking your SBI account balance with your Smartphone. Just go through the given below effective guide which will give entire information. Still then there are many ways through which you can check your account balance but this missed call facility is the fastest.

Stunning Data about Missed Call Banking

It is important to identify regarding the service of ‘missed call banking’ just before you sent the enquiry about your SBI account balance. This Missed call service recommends various banking services with the missed call. One at a time to get this service, you are not required to go to the bank daily, nor do you need to go with somebody procedure, this is just wasting a time. Instead of just wasting any time, basically you can just confer a missed call to the particular service number, once you done the task. Rapidly you will receive a message with your detail bank account balance.

Several customers always exploit this fantastic missed call banking service for only enquiring the balance. But actually, this service is very appropriate for many services, cheque book request, account statement request, email statement and many more. So therefore if you want to make use of this service then you need to register your phone number with your valid SBI account.

Step to register your phone number with Missed call banking service

  • To register the missed call banking service, first you need to send text message to the SBI bank.
  • The text message should be in proper format, the format is-

    REG (Space) ACCOUNT NUMBER’ TO 09223488888

             E.G. REG 12345678901

After completing this step your phone number and details will effectively registered with your SBI account. And now you can use the Missed call service instantly. This service also very useful and it important for everyone who has current account or saving account.

How to check SBI account balance by missed call service

Now, in order to check you SBI account balance via SBI Missed Call banking, you can directly call or give a missed call on this contact number 9223766666. But I deeply inform you that the call will be disconnected automatically after a certain rings. There is different checking option like, balance enquiry, mini statement and many more.

Here for the balance enquiry you required to send an SMS by typing ‘BAL’ to 09223766666 or give a missed call. And after sometimes you will receive all the details about your account balance on your mobile phone.

For mini statement you required to confer a missed call or send an SMS by typing ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666. And just after a missed call or Sending an SMS is completed then you will get full information of mini statement on your mobile phone.

Well, the above mentioned are the easiest way to check your SBI account balance enquiry by using Missed call. Although there is many other way through which you can get your account updated. And hence if you have any problems regarding the missed call service please do share with us.

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