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Clash Royale for Android : The Big Clash

Real-time gamers around the world are about to be lost in Universe of Clash once again, yet with bigger clashes this time. The roars of victory and the sniffles of lose in battles are no more bounded in clans. The intelligently built battle deck, tactics of attack and well organized defend systems are going Royale, the Clash is Royale now. Yes, Clash Royale for Android Smartphone users is released!

clash royale for android


The game is developed and published by the same team who are responsible of bringing out the most addictive game Clash of Clash during the year 2012, the Supercell. The time hasn’t crossed even a month yet since Clash Royale for Android was launched worldwide. Hence, you can smell how much popular the game is going to be.

There are lot to share about the newbie in the Supercell’s family. If you are already tempted towards the game, this is the right place from where you can download Clash Royale for Android devices, and get important information about the game as well.

Now, before you get ahead to the downloading instruction of Clash Royale, why don’t you have a glance on its brief description bellow?

Briefly About Clash Royale

Whether you have played Clash of Clans or not, you are familiar enough with the game which is Supercell’s previous master-piece. The game Clash Royale here is quite similar to the COC in many way. The built-in characters which are also known as troops, Collection of valuable treasures, Spells and many more in the game are much similar to COC you can count in.

Difference Between Clash Royale And COC

Differences in Clash Royale Gameplay with COC are to be counted as few additional characters and cards. In the game, various levels of cards can be unlocked through each level up. Cards are varies level-wise as Common, Rare and Epic respectively. And the new characters include Knight, Princes, Dragon Baby and more. The troops are also varies as Common, rare and epic. Same variation goes for the spells as well.

Clash Royale And COC


Clash Royale is a head-to-head battle arena whereas Clash of Clans is about to raid on enemy clan’s village. There is a vast difference here. However, the attacking tactics, placing of proper troops and spells are quite similar to COC.

Similarity Between Clash Royale And COC

Similarity you can find here is Forming of Clans. Though the game is not about battle among clans, yet you can form your own clan and a community. You can challenge your clan mates for a friendly battle in a Private Arena. You can chat with them and share your Troops, or cards with them just like you used to do in COC.

For learning better battle tactics and improving your skills, the private battle is a great field. In addition to this advantage, you can watch various videos from where you may learn more battle tactics. This is just awesome, right?

And yes, you can go shopping for Treasure Chests, Cards, Gems and Golds. The Shop and TV Royale tabs can be unlocked at Arena 1, which is Goblin Stadium.


clash royale for android

Now, if you take the game as Clash of Clans 2, or thinks that the game won’t be interesting enough like COC, this will be height of underestimate my friend. Never consider anything on any point before you experience it by yourself.


Clash Royale Game Features

There are a lot you must know about Clash Royale game features. Check these out, and keeping yourself away from playing this game will be real difficult for you. Do you commit to get addicted?

1: This real-time game allows duel players to fight in a head-to-head battle arena, winner takes Trophies home. Any player from around the world is able to participate against anyone.

2: Rewards are to be unlocked by chest earnings. Collect new powerful cards and you can upgrade your existing cards as well.

3: Height of the Victory is to Destroy enemy Towers. Epic Crown chests can be earned by winning multiple Crowns through each victory.

4: Build and Upgrade collection of your cards. Also, collect your Defences, Spells and troops.

5: Construct defensive Battle Deck to prevent your loss and defeat enemies as well.

6: In order to get on the top stage, you have to win in multiple fights.

7: You can form your clan, share your cards and build up a battle community.

8: You can challenge your mates or friends within your clan community for private duels and sharpen your battle tactics with practice.

9: TV Royale will show you ultimate battle tactics, watch and learn to be best.


How mind blowing are these features! You just got to try this game out. Want to have Clash Royale on your Smartphone? This is very simple. Here is how.


Clash Royale for Android

As you have decided to experience the Royale clash on your Android Smartphone, here I will lead you to the proper place. There can be dozens of websites offering you free APK files of Clash Royale for Android.

clash royale for android


Best thing you can do is just ignore them, and go for the most trusted one which is Google Play Store. Click on the below given link.

Download Clash Royale for Android here

Step 1: Once you have clicked on the linked phrase, it will direct you to Clash Royale app page of Google Play Store.

Step 2: Hit the “Install” option from there, and then tap on “Accept” option. Thus, the game downloading process will take place.

Step 3: Once the download is complete, it will install the game on your phone before you know it. Finally, you will be good to go and enjoy the Royale clash.

Now, how much you get addict and how do you forget the planet playing Clash Royale that’s not my concern. Guess what, I could hardy manage to get time to write this blog for you guys as I am addicted to the game as well.

You can have the same passion and addiction on your personal computers. Just follow my another guidance blog, about How to download Clash Royale for Pc. Eventually, Clash Royale for Android device is way too easy to get and get addicted.

Read more About the game here: Download Clash Royale Apk – Install & Play

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  1. The Clash Royale game is quite similar to the Clash of Clans in some way. The built-in characters which are known as troops, Collection of valuable treasures, Spells and many more. The graphics of this game is very good. Thank you for sharing this post about Clash Royale for Android which help me quite easy to play Clash Royale.
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