DC Animated Movies Collections – You Should Watch

Some of the most amazing comic book storylines are brought to life in the DC Animated movies by DC and Warner Bros working as a team. DC Animated movie lovers have a lot of things to be excited about, as Warner Bros have lots of upcoming movies for all of those DC Comics fan.

DC animated movies

If you are looking for some of the best DC Animated movies of all time, then you have visited the right page.

Here I am going to give you a few collection of animated movies from the past ten years that has changed the face of DC.

If you are hardcore DC fan, I am sure you have watched all of them by now, but if you are new to DC and want to fresh start then take a look at the list below.

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5 Best DC Animated Movies: That you must watch

Since, the year 2007, DC and the Warner bros have been releasing DC animated movies with a different storyline. Most of the animated movies are a collection of masterpieces and are no doubt much better than the blockbuster movies that are released every year at the box office. Here are some of the 5 Best DC Animated Movies that you must watch.

Batman: Under the Red Hood, 2010:

In the story, Batman has to go through a new vigilante in Gotham City, and he is way more merciless than you can think.

He is using all kinds of violence and extreme prejudice to fight crime and just in between all these the Joker appears to make things more complicated.

The Batman: Under the Red Hood tells us the story of the most twisted situation of Batman’s life story, which makes it DC most exciting movies of all times.



Adapting the situation of the death member in the family and Under the Hood from the comic’s book storyline, this animated movie is all about the journey of the world’s greatest detective Batman, as he has no choice but to face his greatest nemesis ever as the crime fighter of Gotham City.

We are not only seeing Batman facing the grief of his partner’s death, but in the meantime, there is another caped crusader whom he has to fight face to face, who is the vigilante of the town known by the name Red Hood. Later on turned out be no one but Jason Todd in disguise.

 The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, 2013:

The Dark Knight Returns is the second part of the animated movie version by Frank Miler. The story has been focused on the transformed brutal version of Batman as he must take on his greatest foe the Joker, at the same time he must face one of the most powerful DC Comic’s superhero “Superman.”

the dark knight

The movie also shows the rebirth of the “Joker” the prince of crime. Batman finally fights with his most hated foe, and the epic battle of the two titans of DC universe makes one the finest DC Animated Movies that Warner Bros along with Dc has ever created.

We have witnessed the epic battles of Batman and Superman and the rivalries between these two greatest superheroes of DC. In the animated movie, we have seen Batman humiliating Superman and defeated him in a brutal way.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, 2013:

It is about the DC superhero Flashpoint storyline from the DC comics. Justice League: The Flashpoint paradox did an awesome job by narrating the story of Barry Allen also known as the Flash. The Scarlett Speedster of the central city tried to save his mother in the past by going back in time. In the attempt, he has changed the whole timeline and created a whole new messed up world.

DC animated movies

We follow Barry as he tried to find his way back going through the different universe affected by the flashpoint and help with the conflicts that burden the whole new world where he found himself trapped in time. The Flashpoint created by Barry Allen took an unpleasant chaos event occurred due to the war between the Atlantis lead by Aquaman and the Amazons lead by wonder woman.

Cyborg, the premier superhero of the world, he is looking after some serious recruitment to form a Justice League of his own to put an end of the world war.

The Flash’s biggest arch-enemy the Reverse-Flash plays a villainous role creating the war zone of the Flashpoint. The DC Animated Movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is a very emotional story line of Barry Allen also known as the Flash. The Scarlett speedster deals with the weight of his wrong decisions and tries to recover the mistakes that he has done.

The war event causes the death of the Dark Knight which brings a tearful moment in the storyline. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox has successfully earned the attention from the fans and gave us every adventure that we have expected to see from the DC animated movie universe.

Justice League: Doom, 2012:

It is a condensed story taken for the storyline of the Tower of Babel. In the Justice League: Doom animated movie we have seen our heroes fall by the attacks of the Villainous Legion of Doom. The plans of the attacks were actually prepared by Batman as he keeps it as contingency plans if anything went wrong. The animated movie contains highly talented voice actors who make the movie awesome.

justice league

Justice League: Doom, is filled with actions as we find Batman struggling in the movie that his contingency plans were being stolen and were on his justice league partners to harm them in every possible way. This DC Animated movie introduced some of the classic super villains such as the Vandal Savage.

He is the criminal mastermind with many bad guys working under him like Bane, Star Sapphire, Cheetah, and Metallo. Justice League: Doom, is just another masterpiece animated movie brought from DC comics universe.

Wonder Woman, 2009:

Wonder Woman DC animated movie is not only about the origins of wonder woman, but also feature the history of events that took place before Princess Diana actually become the warrior later known as Wonder Woman. It is another DC animated movie with an amazing storyline worth watching.

You will finD characters of Amazon such as Aries, Hippolyta and the lover Steve Trevor. Cheetah, the villain, makes a cameo in the DC animated movie Wonder Woman. It is the storyline of Princess Diana turning into the Amazon warrior “Wonder Woman”.

So, these are some of DC’S animated movies that you should immediately watch if you call yourself a hardcore DC fan. If you have already watched them, that’s a high five but if you haven’t just make sure you do it just to stay updated with the upcoming movies.


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