Top 10 Emotional Status for WhatsApp

Hello, Guys! If you are looking for the best Emotional status for WhatsApp, then you have visited the right page. Most of the time you ultimately remain broken, it might be when you are in love with someone or having a complicated relation and getting frustrated with your daily lives.


emotional status

Emotional status is a way of expressing your sadness via WhatsApp account and also through some other social networking site such, as Facebook and Twitter, etc.

Today I have come up with some of the emotional quotations, which are best for you to use and share your sad story or feelings with whom you want to.

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10 Emotional Quotes for your WhatsApp Status

Here, I have mentioned some of the few collection of mine that you can share with your friends and your beloved ones. It is all about emotional status for Whatsapp.

#1: They Say, God, have set a happy ending plan for you. At the moment if you are not satisfied that means consider that the end has not arrived yet.


happy ending quotes

#2: No matter what always remember that you are beautiful in your way. Only a particular person can see the real beauty in you.


emotional status

#3: Life changes in just a blink of an eye. It may be a good one or bad one. You have to hold on the changes and use it in the best way possible.


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#4: There is one thing you always keep on saying to me that you hate to see me cry. All those times you have hurt me have you ever closed your eyes?


#5: The most beautiful day of your life is the day in which you get to decide your life belongs to you. No lame excuses and no one to rely on, you are the one who is the reason for the beautiful journey ahead in your life.

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#6: It is not possible to control all the crazy things happening in your life. The only possible way is how you handle the situation by figuring out a possible way.


#7: Whenever you face any bad situation in your life, expect for something better. You never know what life has something better for you.


#8: I remained silent that does not mean I gave up, it simply means that I don’t want to waste time on some who does not seem to understand me.


#9: Whenever you listen to any of the songs, it is not the song that makes you emotional. But it is often the memories in your mind that make you sad all the time.



#10: Music is a precious medicine which can heal your pain. It is one possible way that has helped me to overcome and control my emotions, in any difficult circumstances that I have faced throughout my entire life.


Final words:

Here I have provided you some of the most heart touching top 10 emotional status for WhatsApp account. Using this emotional status you will be able to express the pain buried inside your heart and also the tears of joy with your friends and let the people know how you are feeling at the moment. I hope you find this article helpful for you, please leave your comment below and share it with your friends.

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