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FaceTime vs Tango vs Facebook Messenger: Battle for the Best

For all the users in search of video calling applications, Skype is often the first to come into your mind. However, ever since Skype gained so much of attention, there have been a number of video calling apps that evolved. Among them, FaceTime and Tango along with Facebook messenger which also supports video calling as one of the features came on the upfront.

FaceTime vs Tango vs Facebook Messenger

With all the applications on board, ever wondered which of these can be the ideal among all? Well, here is a closer look to all the three application; after which you can decide for yourself which is the winner.

FaceTime vs Tango vs Facebook Messenger: Features Comparison


As far as compatibility is concerned, FaceTime is the most restricted of all. Being limited to only Apple users, it is difficult to communicate via the application at all forums. In fact Facetime for Windows is also getting ready as per latest rumors.

Tango is an application which is freed from a number of restrictions that are imposed by FaceTime; for example Wi-Fi compulsion of the fact that it works on only 4G generation phones. Tango has a better say over FaceTime as it allows for cross platform video calls!

Facebook Messenger has support for all platforms and hence is the best suited option as far as compatibility is concerned.

Facebook Messenger and Tango get half a point each!


FaceTiming isn’t a task at all. If the person you wish to talk to has FaceTime and you have their number, it is like cheese to put the application to work.

In the case of Tango, your contacts are already scanned to check for users already on FaceTime.

Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, needs you to be friends with the person you wish to chat with.

Here, Tango gets the point!

Additional features

Tango allows for only video and audio calls. Hence, it lacks features such as stickers, emoticons, etc.

FaceTime and Facebook Messenger on the other hand allow for exchanging messages and smiley’s too. Both the applications have a given set of sticker and emos which makes them all the more fun to be used.

Messenger and FaceTime get half a point each!

Final Conclusion

On pen and paper, Tango is the winner when compared with the other two applications. However, had it not been for the restrictions, FaceTime would have been no less. Many would still prefer to use Facebook Messenger or FaceTime for that matter! All said and done, it also is a matter of choice as to which application does the user feel at ease with!

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