Free App Store Tricks for New Apple Tv

TV is the great way of entertainment. We all love to watch TV in our free time.  Apple has released their new 4th Generation Apple TV to reach this entertainment at a upper level.

This new Apple TV is the future of entertainment with the help of apps installed on it. It comes with siri remote controller. You can experience a totally different version of television or you can call it Smart TV. It runs on a fully new OS called tvOS.

new Apple TV


TvOS is the new operating system built under iOS. With this tvOS, the new Apple TV is capable of installing apps so that you can enjoy the TV totally in a different way. We all used apps on our phones and computers, but now you will be able to add apps on youe TV through this new 4th generation Apple TV.

As it is new in the market, you will need some information about it to install apps on this 4th generation Apple TV. Here is the thing, that you should know before installing apps on Apple TV.

Things You Should Know About New Apple TV


With the present way of Apple’s Home sharing method, you will be able to pair your account with another of your friends and family member for sharing your apps. But in mobile and desktop only one person can log in at a time.

But in this new Apple TV its quite different. You will be able to add different iTunes account in it instead of Home Sharing. Just go to settings>Accounts>iTunes app store to add another person to your account. Select your new Apple id and also add the credential details of yours.  You can now buy apps on other accounts too.

You can also use Promo Code

In the new Apple TV, you are not able to use any promo code directly. First you have to use the promo code in iOS App store or iTunes. After entering the code there check on your Apple TV. You will be able see the purchased app. But for that you have to first configure your Apple id.

Able to Delete an App

You will be able to delete any app from your Apple TV. To delete an app entirely, select it with the siri remote. Then Hold the touch pad until it starts fluttering. Now tap play/ pause button. To delete the app tick the confirmation box.

The All new Multi-tasking Menu

Through this feature of Apple TV, you will be able to jump quickly from one app to other without going to the home screen. Just double tap on the home button and you will be able to see the multitasking view just like the iPhone.

Also you will be able to forcely quit some apps. To do it just tap on it and swipe it with the touch pad.

These are the some  information or tips about the new Apple TV. There may also other info out there, i will keep you updated with it after getting more info. Stay with us and Hope You will like it.

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