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Free Tips to Become a Blogging Networking Machine

You have a blog ? I think that’s why you are here…..Then you must be willing to get over 10000 visitors daily ?? I am here with some free tips by which you would get a traffic jam on your blog every single day.
So, just go through the article atleast once…
 Blogging Networking
Networking machines, who might not be talented bloggers usually make money by blogging because of their massive network of friends…
                If they can…why don’t we? Just keep this type of passion….I know this is not a psychology post but even though you gonna need this.
Lets take an example, “ The most successful people on Earth: Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet etc, Each of them have a massive network of friends To Aid Them. To Inspire Them. To Promote them.”
What would you say If you are asked to give some tips to increase the blog traffic..??
You will always prefer to say like commenting on different blogs, doing SMO and all the sticky stuff that Pro-Blogers write all over the web because you just read it out and believe them…I also believe them most of the times….but why?? Because they are Pro..?? There’s no need to do so anymore.
                You are one of your kind…Take tips but don’t stick to it…Make experiments on your own experiences..
                This time we are here with some unique and basic tips which are essential for you to generate massive amount of traffic..


First of all, what you have to do is to be a good friend. Not the selfish one because they are the one, who are going to SHOUT OUT LOUD in the crowd. So, always be nice to them. This would help you build better connections..

This simple act would set the foundation for a prospering relationship for you blog.



The easiest way to impact in seconds is to read out a blog and create a memorable, valuable masterpiece of article with your comments. You will stand out from the crowd and awake a ton of friends.

The Search Engines like Google, Yahoo etc love crawling Websites/Blogs and watching many insightful comments. Active and engaging blogs do well in Search Engines which ofcourse spikes up your Blog Traffic Quickly.
Comments can be your best friend in the networking department. Bloggers love receiving comments. If you leave 3-4 paragraph masterpieces on their blog, you will see a rapid growth in your traffic because each comment is a piece of content.


Guest Posting

Why to do Guest Posting…??

Because it is an ALL IN ONE PACKAGE for you.

This will help you :-
  • Build better connections
  • Get backlinks
  • More people from different blogs will get to know about you and your blog
  • You get huge traffic.
You can also get tips to manage your blog, how to do a better guest post etc from more experienced bloggers.
         So, always be aggressive on the Guest Posting front-foot to become a real networking machine.
Even the piece of content you are going through is also a GUEST POST.
Always remember, perfectionists/ selfish people want all publicity for themselves. Unfortunately, they make only few friends in this world.

If you face any problem or you think you have a better trick or you want to add something, feel free to comment below.

         Please leave your valuable feedback as you’re the life of this blog.

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  1. Hi Vinay,

    Nice free tips indeed 🙂

    Yes, building relationships is the one thing that always helps in blogging. And once you make those relationships with fellow bloggers, no updates or such problems can affect you because your friends will always be there to stand by you. I know this works, because I am a living proof of that and the vibrant community of all the blogging friends I have made ever since I started blogging.

    Comments, of course they are related and the better the comment, the more your post is valued by the search engines. Again, this is something that's always worked for me, or perhaps I always leave long comments everywhere I comment, so people also tend to leave a little on the longer side when they visit my blog.

    I haven't guest posted much, just 3 posts in 3 years…due to lack of time, so that is one criteria, but the only thing that works. I guess there is a lot to blogging than meets the eye, isn't it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. Hello Ma'am,

    I am really feeling much honoured to receive a comment from such a great blogger like you…
    I agree with you that if we have good relationship with fellow bloggers then no update can affect our blogs. I am also benefitted a lot by making really nice friends. Not only this works in the blogosphere but also in our real lives.

    Coming to the comments, I am much aware about your commenting potential. I have seen your comments at almost every second popular blog. Commenting had also worjed for me too, to make good understanding with different bloggers, driving traffic to my blog, making backlinks, etc… As you mentioned, "The better, the comment, more the post is valued by search engine", I guess my this post gonna much valued than others due to your such a nice and long comment.

    Not even I have guest posted much but whenever I did, it had benefitted me a lot as I have already mentioned in the post.
    I think, blogging is much like a Glacier, what meet our eyes is much different from the reality, there's a lot to learn by going into its depth.

    Thanks ma'am for stopping by and leaving your valuable feedback.

    Vinay Kumar

  3. Hi there,
    Glad you liked it but from next time use your name otherwise I will not approve your comments.
    Thanks for commenting

  4. Hi

    I would like you to use your own name from the next time else i will not approve your comments.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.



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