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Free Webhosting Disadvantages

If you are a new blogger I am sure you have always wanted to know about the good and bad sides of free web hosting and the paid service and why you should go for the free service and how it can benefit you? Hostgator Black Friday sale 2016 is going on but should you pay for that hosting?

Well let me tell you that something which comes for free never lasts for long and hardly can you make anything out of it. Same is for web hosting and the impacts can be really bad if you decide to use a free web hosting service unmindfully.


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So, here in this article I will give you an idea about the disadvantages that you will come to have if you choose a free web hosting service.

  1. If you are thinking of establishing a business website choosing a free web hosting can be disastrous. Free web hosting service will not give you enough space so when your business and content increases you would have to shut down your website because of the limitations in the space and that means all your hours of hard work will go in vain.
  1. They also come with a limited bandwidth that means your website will not be able to handle an increase in number of traffic. Your free web hosting company will shut down your website or chances are it will crash.
  1. Having a personal business website means you will have a personal domain address this proves that you are serious about your business online and it is always attractive to potential clients. If you have a free web hosting service they will provide you with a sub-domain along with the name of their company which obviously looks amateur.
  1. You will have limited chance for designing your blog. This means that you can only use the given designing samples that the free web hosting service will provide.
  1. You will forever remain indebted to the free web hosting company. Your blog will feature ads which you never put on the first place, and even irritating pop-ups will come up which will come heavy upon you and your target audience. Moreover, you will have to use their banner or logo and have no originality in your design.
  1. You will not get any customer support at the first place. So, whenever you are facing any problem you will be stuck with the problem alone and if you are new to managing blogs or websites you will remain helpless and that will be a really frustrating thing.

So, these are some of the disadvantages of using a free web hosting service which you should keep in mind if you are thinking to start a website. If you are new to blogging and serious about your business then you should choose a paid web hosting service as it gives you many advantages over the free service.

There are many other disadvantages to free web hosting other than the ones given above. My advice would be is that if you are new to blogging you should go for the web hosting service that provides a cheaper service as in that way you can secure your own domain and will be able to upgrade to a premium service once you see a growth in your business.

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