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Funny Exam Quotes That you can Try for your Status on Social Media

‘Exam’….. Most of us are aware of this word. For most of the people, it is the only word which they hated the most. Though everyone has to go through some sorts of exams in their life, in every phase but the word goes appropriately with the students in most of the cases.  It is very hard to find a student who loves exams. For students, it’s like a nightmare.

I never saw a single student till date to say ‘I love exams.’ Exam brings a lot of pressure for the students. To reduce the pressure on them, we can update or send some funny exam quotes to them. A student also can post or update some funny exam quotes to describe their pathetic condition.

funny exam quotes

Funny exam quotes are always helpful. Funny exam quotes help not only to reduce stress and pressure, but it helps to change our mood too. Whenever a stressed or a tensed person gets a funny exam quote from someone, it works like a medicine. Sometimes before the exam people need inspiration too, you can motivate them by sending some motivational but funny exam quotes.

This type of quote helps in two ways, you can motivate the person and can make the person feel happy at the same time. If you update a funny exam quote in social media by tagging all other exam candidates, it helps to decrease the pressure and helps to let you know how critical others conditions are.

In the present age, almost everyone is using smartphones and as well as social networking sites. So it’s pretty easy to send them a funny exam quote. Before we used to send SMS messages to wish someone during their exams but now we have multiple options to wish them.

We can send a funny exam quote through Whatsapp, Facebook, hike and other available sites; we can post a funny exam quote in the Facebook timeline of that person whom we want to wish so that everyone can see the post. Here is some sample of funny exam quotes.

Funny Exam Quotes you can Post on your Social Media:

  • As we all know, papers in which we write is produced from trees. We can save our environment by saying ‘No’ to exams.
    exam quotes
  • It doesn’t matter how hard I try to forget the bad times of my life, I can’t. But how come I forget everything I studied just before entering the examination hall? That also without trying.
  • I am not single either taken; I am just in a complicated relationship with studies.
  • I just hate studying for exams so need a mobile APP for that by which I can pass without studies.
  • There is a great connection between study and ignorance. Because we discover our ignorance while study only. The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance.
  • During the whole exam all the students are like Mr. Bean, but in last 15 minutes, every student becomes Superman.
  • Dream of every student: To get good grades without studying anything.
  • I wish I could get marks in the exam for writing all the song lyrics I have in my head.
  • Whenever we get poor marks in our exams our relatives’ acts like the economy of the country, just drop down.
  • A great teacher can help you to get good marks, but a beautiful teacher can help you to pass the exam. The choice is yours. You want to top or to pass the exam.

There are many other funny exam quotes which you can update or can send to someone during exam time. If you are a student and having exams, then I hope this article was helpful for you to boost yourself. And if you are not a student then you must know the amount of pressure a student bears during exam time, so you must try to cheer your known people during their exams by using the above-mentioned tricks.

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