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GetResponse Vs Aweber Detailed Review : Which is Better?

Hello friends, in this article I’m going to do comparison two leading email marketing solution i.e. GetResponse and Aweber. But, before that let me shed some light on email marketing, its benefits and the basic requirements for setting up a successful email marketing campaign completely on auto-pilot.


GetResponse Vs Aweber

What is Email Marketing?

In simple words, email marketing is a marketing technique using emails. In this technique, we generally arrange emails of product related potential customers and promote our business products to them by sending offers directly in their mailbox.

It also helps you to stay connected with your customers and understand their behavior.

Email Marketing Benefits – Why You Should Also Start?

Until now, you might have learned what email marketing is. Now, let me share some of the email marketing benefits and why it is considered as the best internet marketing technique.

If you don’t believe me, Keep Reading. I will prove it to you by telling you a few benefits of the email marketing.

Email Marketing Benefits – Best Internet Marketing Technique

  • Best way to build and maintain your relationship with your customers.
  • Cheapest way of marketing among all the strategies.
  • Huge Return-on-Investment (ROI).
  • Best way to understand customer’s behavior.
  • Helps you to get insane amount of reach.
  • Not affected by any algorithmic updates.

There are numerous benefits of email marketing but above listed are the top 6 reasons why email marketing is the best marketing technique and why you should start doing it.

Basic Requirements of Email Marketing

  • A landing page or squeeze page/blog – for capturing customer emails.
  • A database – for storing the captured emails.
  • Email template – for sending attractive and converting emails.
  • An autoresponder – for broadcasting and automating your email campaigns.

These are the four basic requirements that you need in order to setup a simple email campaign (doesn’t matter if it’s successful or not).

If you will go buying each of them individually, you will end up wasting a hell lot of money.

So, what to do?

Instead of arranging each of them individually, you can directly buy email marketing service/solution package which will offer you all the above listed requirements at one place with some additional features as well at a reasonable price.

There are numerous email marketing service providers available over the internet but today I’m going to compare two leading email marketing solution provider i.e. GetResponse and Aweber.

Now, I’m going to review GetResponse and Aweber in detail; the services they offer, its user interface, pricing and much more.

GetResponse Vs Aweber Detailed Review

Cost Effectiveness

GetResponse is currently offering following plans:

  • $15 per month – Up to 1000 subscribers.
  • $25 per month – Up to 2500 subscribers.
  • $45 per month – Up to 5000 subscribers.
  • $65 per month – Up to 10000 subscribers.
  • $145 per month – Up to 25000 subscribers.
  • $250 per month – Up to 50000 subscribers.
  • $450 per month – Up to 100000 subscribers.

If your requirement is of more than the plans offered by GetResponse, you can simply ask them for quotation by telling them your needs whereas,

Aweber currently offers the following plans:

  • $19 per month – Up to 500 subscribers.
  • $29 per month – Up to 2500 subscribers.
  • $49 per month – Up to 5000 subscribers.
  • $69 per month – Up to 10000 subscribers.
  • $149 per month – Up to 25000 subscribers.

For more than 25000 subscribers list you can get a quote from Aweber according to your requirements.

As from the above stats we can clearly see that Getresponse gives you the real value for your money, better than the Aweber. Getresponse is offering you a range of offers with different price bars at reasonable prices whereas Aweber is charging comparatively higher price than Getresponse for the same number of subscribers and has less variety in its plans.

By the above comparison, we can state that Getresponse has a clear edge over the Aweber for cost-effectiveness. But, price is not the only thing that makes an email service better. So, have a look at the other points below.

Importing Data Facility

Getresponse is a great option for those who want to use their existing email list for setting up campaigns as it allows you to import your existing email list without asking you any questions and your subscribers need not to re-confirm their identity, unlike Aweber where either you’ve to make your all subscribers reconfirm their identity or answer a heck lot of questions of Aweber Support.

As you can see Getresponse let you use this feature very smoothly whereas Aweber isn’t. Here also Getresponse has a plus point over Aweber as using this service freely help us to save a lot of time which you can use in setting up the campaigns.

Email Templates

Templates play a major role in improving conversions of your email campaigns making them successful. If you use an email template which is boring then you’re likely to receive a much lesser conversion rate for your email campaigns whereas a visually appealing email template with Call-to-action placed at the right position can do wonders.

Both, Getresponse and Aweber offers you a wide range of templates to choose from. While Getresponse has a collection of 500 templates Aweber has a bigger collection of email templates, 600 in number. The templates are visually appealing and can also be used for various other marketing applications after modifying them a bit.

GetResponse is much better than any other email services provider when it comes to technical aspects as they offer responsive (fitting on every screen size) templates giving you a better user engagement. Earlier Aweber was unable to provide this feature in their templates but recently they’ve solved this problem and now you can enjoy responsive email templates on both the platforms.

We saw that both the platforms are offering visually appealing and easily-editable templates for sending emails. The only plus point for Aweber over Getresponse is that they’ve got a bigger collection of email templates.

Landing Page Creation

Get Response has a clear edge over Aweber when it comes to landing page creation. Landing page, sometimes known as lead capture page is a web page on your blog or on some website that is built with the motive to capture leads/information. Generally, it has some attractive design, images, brief information and a call-to-action.

N.B. It is suggested to use landing pages as it helps you to understand audience behavior more precisely and get better conversion rates.

While Getresponse offer you an out of the box landing page creator which allows you to make use of various templates along with drag and drop editor to create a more converting landing page whereas don’t come with any such drag and drop editor. But we can perform the similar tasks as getresponse just by manually coding your squeeze page and using it or by using a variety of third-party applications like Unbounce, instapage etc but you need to spend anywhere between for 30-200$ per month for completing these tasks.

Initially with getresponse, you will get a landing page editor with limitation of creating just one landing page and only 1000 views per month until you have paid for the featured add-on which costs just $15 per month. Once paid, you get freedom to show it to unlimited people and perform A/B split testing too where you can create variations of your landing page in order to find out the best performing placements and combinations.

Split Testing

Split testing is a method of trying out different versions of controlled, randomized email marketing campaign experiments with improving the conversion rate as the objective.

Getresponse allows you to test up to 5 variants of your email campaigns. It offer you more comprehensive split test functionality than Aweber which allows you to do simple split testing with subject header, sender or send time whereas Getresponse don’t have any such limitations allowing you to test entirely different versions of your email campaigns on the pre-saved data.

Integration with Other Systems (Third Party Sites)

In this feature, you might face a little difficulty integrating Getresponse with third party sites as its integration require setting up a zapier ‘zap’ to make them work. Here, Aweber got a complete advantage over the Getresponse it offers some ‘out of the box’ and easier ways to integrate your mailing list with third party tools.

Even though this won’t affect anyone with technical knowledge but might cause some issues from non-technical background users. But, apart from setting up Getresponse works like charm.

Sending Time Optimization

This is a unique feature offered only by Getresponse which is not yet available in Aweber. This feature automatically sends you emails at the time when they’re likely to get a better engagement after checking the behaviour of your email list subscribers.

Getresponse also states that if you use this technology, you’re likely to get a 23% improvement in open rates and 20% improvement in the Click-through rates. It’s all up to you whether to use it or not but you must give this a try as it can help you earn a few extra bucks for free.

Common Features of GetResponse and Aweber

Though both the platforms has remarkable differences in their features, they have some features in common making them the complete email marketing tools.

  • Statistics on the number of subscribers who open mails, click on links or unsubscribe from your lists.
  • Wide range of pre-designed newsletter templates.
  • Offers Autoresponder functionality which allows you to send automated e-mails at pre-defined intervals.
  • Both allow affiliate links in your campaigns.
  • User-friendly email builders etc.

Customer Support

Customer support is a very important factor if you’re offering any service to people whether it’s online or offline. If you fail at providing good support to your buyers, you might face significant drop in your number of customers.

Getresponse and Aweber offers phone support, live chat support and email support. While Getresponse is the only service to give 24 hours live chat support on working days Aweber’s is available from 8am to 8pm ET on Monday to Friday / 9am-5pm ET on Saturdays and Sundays. Getresponse’s Phone support is available from 9am-5pm ET on Monday to Friday whereas Aweber’s is available at weekend as well (Operating hours are same for live chat and phone support).

Free Trials of GetResponse and Aweber

Before buying the premium package, you can have a free trial. Both platforms offer one-month free trial. While you need to enter credit card details to get the one-month free trial of Aweber, its competitor Getresponse is doesn’t require your details.

GetResponse Vs Aweber Review Conclusion – Which One to Buy?

Both platforms, Getresponse and Aweber offer a variety of tools that let you create and maintain relationship with your email subscribers. As both the platforms offer very similar deals, it’s hard to find the clear winner. However, according to me Getresponse is probably the best product for your valuable money because of following reasons:

  • Cost Effective – Offer much better deals at the reasonable price.
  • Smooth importing data facility.
  • Out of the box landing page creator.
  • Offers more comprehensive split testing.
  • It’s unique ‘Sending Time Optimization’ feature.
  • Great customer support etc.

However, you can choose Aweber if you want more templates and easier third party integration.

So, this was all about the Getresponse review and we’ve tried to cover each and everything with details. If you think I’ve forgot something to add in this article, let me know via comments and I would like to update the article with that information.

According to me, Getresponse is an awesome email marketing service provider offering some unique services with basic ones, better customer support and at a reasonable price. If you haven’t started email marketing yet and are willing to give a shot, I would suggest you to go with the getresponse straight away without any second thought. You will definitely going to love it and yeah, you can thank me later. :p 😀


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