Top 5 Google Alternatives

When we speak of Google there is not a hesitation that it rules the world of online activities. Mostly all of our daily lives has become dependent on the services provided by Google. We can say in one word that Google is the king of the digital world providing extraordinary services to the users worldwide. In today’s world, most of the people are dependent on the Google search engine to learn new things. Almost every answer you can get in the Google which turns out to be very helpful to the people. Apart from Google, there are too many other websites that do the same job for you. Here we will be discussing with you the list of Top 5 Google Alternatives for you.

Top Google Alternatives

There is a saying everything in this world comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Google is the same one it can be used to benefit you or harm you in many ways. Every day people use the search engine of Google to find out something or come for learning and they don’t go empty handed. Search engines such as Google which is perhaps the most popular one platform to gain limitless knowledge. Check out the best top 5 alternatives to Google Search engines that share the same features.

Top 5 Google Alternative:

1: Bing:

Bing is one of the finest alternative search engines to Google. It is owned and run or managed by the Microsoft Company. The search engine website comes with various search options like internet videos, images and also map search products is included. As a matter of fact, Bing has ranked its position in the second place among the world largest search engine. Not only that you may not know that now has Bing also powered the search results which are usually pulled up by the Yahoo search engine. Bing search engine is available to use in over 40 different types of languages. Just like the Google search engine, you can search anything in Bing, as it performs all the similar work of Google. If you want to avoid the unwanted contents like adults then you can filter search using the safe search mode and lots more.

Alternatives of google

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2:   Yahoo! Search:

Yahoo Web search is one of the biggest search engine ranking next to Bing search engine. It is powered and owned by Yahoo itself and available to use a total of 40 languages. Yahoo! Search is based on the programming language of PHP. Into the Yahoo search engine, you can read yahoo news and search nay topics that you wish to learn. Watch any of the videos, download songs and do other activities just like in Google. Search for the images sort by the photo, graphics, GIF, Face, Portrait, Non-Portrait and lots more. Make a video search set by the length or date or resolution and source of the videos. Yahoo! Search is perhaps the best alternative search engine as the replacement of Google.

yahoo alternative of Google

3: DuckDuck Go:

If you are looking for the safe search engine with some privacy, then DuckDuck Go is the best choice for you. This search engine does not record any of your personal information or web browsing history. Make a quick search on any topic and get the answer you are looking for instantly in DuckDuck Go. As a matter of fact one of the best Google alternative search engine that does not track your location. To enjoy the full privacy settings in your Chrome browser switch to DuckDuck Go by adding the extension. Start searching for images or anything else using the voice search and enjoy the search engine like anything else.

best alternative of Google

4: Ask:

Ask is the best place to ask the possible question that you have in your mind. It does not exactly works like the Google search engine but gives you all the answer that you seek. Ask a question and make a search on every topic you will get the details information. You can say it is a search engine where you ask any question and get the answer. is only available to be used in one single language that is English.  Start asking a question that is related to art, literature, family, fashion, education, health, and many more valuable topics.

top alternative of google

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5: ixquick:

Search any important topic or media files into the search engine of ixquick with complete friendly privacy options. Make a quick search of the images or videos that are available on the internet and much more. Now you will no longer have to worry about the targeted ads that keep on irritating you. The search engine of ixquick does not allow sharing your personal information each time you go for online activities. What makes this search engine different from the Google search engine, here you will be getting all the available search results on any topic search you make. In another search engine, it is usually seen that you get the search result which is based on the topic that you know.

top best alternative of Google


In this article, you have learned several names of the search engine that is similar to Google which is fun to use. Start making quick image search or videos and get the answer of any topic that you wish to know. So, these are the complete details of the list of top 5 Google Alternatives that is best for you. Pick any out one of the search engines from the above-mentioned search engine that you find favorable one. The entire list of the alternative search engine of Google comes with unique search facilities which are totally cool. Without making any further investigation start visiting any of the search engine mentioned in the list of Google alternatives to find out the search that you seek.

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