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The Suitable Hosting Solution for Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs

Well, one of the most popular problems of the youth working online on Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs is, finding Suitable Hosting, which can fulfil their requirements.

So, what they do, to find out the best hosting solution?

Well, they try out different web hosts, which take a lot of time. One more thing, most of them are newbie’s, so, in most cases, they opt for cheap hosting, no matter, the company is popular or not, they just want to save money and they go by the words of that company, which are not always right, Because every single hosting company will claim their services being one of the best, but actually, only few popular hosting companies are reliable.

So, how you are going to find out the best Hosting solution for your WordPress Blog?


Self-Hosted WordPress

There are many ways to find out, let’s discuss it in the next paragraph.

Points to Look, when finding the Web Hosting for WP Blog

Well, for newbie’s, there are two types of Hosting plans, which you can look to buy for your WordPress dedicated Blog. One is Shared Hosting and the second is, WordPress Shared Hosting. The Only difference between these two will be, with WP Shared Hosting, you can only host WordPress Blog, but with normal shared hosting, you can host any blog, forum or a simple website built with complicated coding.

But the thing is, we are looking for a solution to host WP blogs, so you can choose any one of them depending on your budget, but make sure, you take look at the points given below, which will help you find out, that the package you are choosing, is good for you or not.

One Click WordPress Installation

Check whether the host is providing One-Click WordPress Installation or not, which is very important, especially if you are a newbie and have very less knowledge of hosting.

Technical Support with good knowledge of WP

It doesn’t matter, how much knowledge, the problems will surely come, when you try our the new things to make your blog successful. So, in that case, a good support staff will be needed to solve your problem and most of the time, you will need help regarding WordPress. So, find out, whether the support staff of web hosting company, you are choosing, has enough knowledge about this popular CMS or not.

Reliability is Important

Check about the reliability of that web host, by checking uptime record of other blogs hosted on the same plan, which you are looking to purchase. You can also check reviews online about the reliability of a web host, which will give you a fair idea about its quality.

Features Like Bandwidth, Storage Space, SQL Databases, etc..

These features will be crucial, if you are expecting your blog to be a top notch one and having a decent amount of traffic or you are looking to host multiple micro niche blogs, you need to have unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space as well as enough SQL databases. So, check it carefully.

Final Words

So, that’s it. If you look after these points carefully, you find the best possible hosting solution depending on your budget. But if you are still confused, then I can recommend some of the names, which you can choose to host your self-hosted WordPress Blog.

Those names are Hostgator, Bluehost, WP Engine, A Small Orange, Dreamhost, etc..

You can choose any one of them are these are very popular companies are reliable too, and one more thing, if you have decided to choose Bluehost, then you must get these Bluehost Coupons with Maximum Discount. These will help you save a decent amount of money.

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Now, in the end, if you any question, shoot it via comments.


  1. Thanks for the great article.

    You’ve covered everything that one might need to start its own WordPress blog. I’ve recently signed up with Rosehosting and so far their service and their technical support are very good.

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    Thanks for this informative post,
    Actually by this article i get to know about some unknown stuffs like that shared hosting and the importance of one click wordpress installation.

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