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Housing for Agents App Sponsored Review

Still using diaries and excel sheets? Now you need to say goodbye to them as we now have all new app called Housing For Agents which is available in Google play store. With this app, you can manage your business at your fingertips and grow your business, make more money as this app will eliminate the usage of CRM software, diaries and excel sheets. With this app your each and every call will become a potential business.

This app is just a swipe away for people who are looking for property management, real estate brokers will get a lot of benefits from this app as they can manage their productivity and clients in a single app. To make your real estate business more profitable with the better lead generation, Housing For Agents is the best app.

Advantages of Using Housing for Agents App

  • Hassle-free maintenance of all your records such as leads in app itself and there is no need of going through excel sheets and diaries
  • The app saves all your interactions which you had with your client and the app’s intelligent system gets to know what your client needs.
  • From, you get all notifications and with this you cannot miss a single lead, this feature will boost your income and increase your sales.
  • With simple sharing option, you can find any agents and close the deals easily
  • The notification system in this app is very smart you will get instant updates on property status and you can make a faster decision
  • For agents who are registered on, they can manage all complete real estate business on their Android device with Housing For Agents App. Check property dealers app
  • Everyone today wants to increase business in less time and Housing For Agents App gives you the chance to maintain all records of your clients pipeline and boost sales

What will Housing for Agents App Provide You?

As you know, the real estate business involves lot of clients and their details so we need to maintain lot of excel sheets and other forms to maintain their data and it becomes a headache for search and consumes lot of time. has come with an all-new app for smartphone users who are real estate agents and they’ve made their job easy. Android App

  • As you receive many calls from various parties and sources you can feed them in this app without going for excel sheets and diaries
  • You can get to know what is the requirement of the client as the app will save your interactions
  • will provide instant notification so that you will not miss any leads
  • Scheduling appointments has never been easier as this app will provide you notifications
  • You can find similar type of agents by sharing your property in the network
  • If a lead needs important work then you can prioritize the lead by a star mark.
  • Sharing your properties is easy as 1,2,3. You can share all your properties on the most used messaging service Whatsapp, through e-mail and SMS

Property brokers in Kolkata or others can get this app Housing for Agent and get all the benefits. Kolkata is one of the biggest real estate markets. If you are a real estate agents in Kolkata you can start working with Housing, the biggest platform for a real estate business. The app has been rated 4.3* in Google Play Store and if you are a real estate agent and registered in then we definitely recommend to use this app.


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