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Best Wet Phone Remedies: Fixing Wet Mobile Phones

Hello friends, today I’m back with yet another interesting and useful article i.e how to fix wet phone. We often accidentally get our smartphones wet while doing some work in the wet area or sometimes it gets dropped in the sink while washing hands.

I’m a regular victim of this tragedy. 😛

The monsoon is about to come and I wish you enjoy this rainy season a lot. But sometimes we’re lost in this enjoyment so much that we even forget that our mobile is getting wet in the rain.


Best wet phone remedies

Once you’ve a wet phone, there are very little chances to recover or fix it back. But if you apply some tips, tricks and a little of your brain, you can easily fix a wet phone from getting damaged.

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. We’re going to list out some sure-fire methods that could help you fix your wet mobile phone. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s dig into the step by step guide to fix a wet phone.

How to Fix a Soaking Wet Phone

Below I’ve shared some step by step methods that have helped me a few times to save my wet phone from any damage. Every time my phone gets wet, I just start with the step one and keep on moving to the next step one by one until I get my wet phone dry and working.

Remove Battery from Smart Phone

As much as I’ve known so far, mobile phones manufacturing companies doesn’t offer any warranty on wet phones.

If you think, the water had entered into the phone, then simply open back cover of the handset and remove the battery.

After removing the battery, you will find a small sized sticker on the handset which is of white color in most of the phones. If water had entered inside the handset then it will turn into red or pink color and even if there is a little bit moisture inside the handset then sticker will change its color.

This will give you an indication that you need to hurry up for drying up the wet phone.

Turn Off the Wet Mobile Phone Immediately

Never switch on the mobile phone if its wet. If phone is still on, then switch off immediately. Even if a single drop of water went inside the mobile phone, then it can possibly damage the circuits inside the chip. It may also result as sparking in the mobile phone.

Don’t forget to plug out all the peripherals connected to the wet mobile phone such as memory cards, headphone, charger, etc

By doing this, you will ensure that your phone don’t get any further damage due to sparking or water.

Use a Cotton Cloth to Dry Dripping Cell Phone

After removing battery and all other accessories from your mobile phone, clean all of them nicely with a cotton cloth. This may help in removal of some moisture from the surface.

Dry Out Mobile Phone using Air

Never ever use microwave or hair dresser to dry your phone.

Believe me, its really a silly idea. This may damage your phone even more. The best way you can opt for making your wet phone dry is by keeping it in front of a running fan. This also helps to remove the moisture from the soaked smartphone.

Fix Wet Phone with Rice

Even after performing all the above things, if still moisture is present inside the mobile phone, there is one more way which will definitely dry up your mobile phone. Since, you’re doing it in your home, the best way to remove moisture from wet mobile phone is by using rice.

No, not kidding. I’m serious about using rice to dry your phone. It is by far the best wet phone remedy. You would have to put your wet phone in rice container and keep the container in sunlight.

I think you’re eager to know how this thing works. Actually, the rice with the help of sunlight increases the temperature inside which will completely remove the moisture from the wet mobile phone. You will find a better result in 24-48 hours.

Fixing Wet Phone Remedies Compilation

So, these were some tips that I use every time my phone gets wet. Try these out and let me know if they helped you to fix a wet phone or not.

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