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How to Access Blocked Websites at School

Have your school administrator blocked your access to Facebook at school. No worries, today you will learn how to open blocked websites in school.
There are many methods available over the World Wide Web for opening blocked sites, some of them might work for you or some may not but you should give a try to all of them and check which method works best for you.
Access Blocked Websites at School
In this way, you will find the best working method to open blocked sites.

How to Open Blocked Sites

In this article, we have listed several methods for you to open blocked sites in school or offices. Give a try to all of them one by one, and adopt the one that you find best.

Open URL Redirection Services

There are many URL redirection services available on the Internet and one of them is TinyURL. Just open any URL shortening service and type the blocked URL .

 This URL redirection service works because while redirection, it makes the URL blank.

Using Proxy Sites

There are many proxy sites available on the Internet. Some of them are like Hidemyass, Proxify, Proxinova etc. 

Do you know how proxy websites works ? 

When we use proxy website, it just hide your IP address from website server. Just go to any proxy website and enter any blocked site which you want to access.


 Using Extensions

You can also access blocked sites using extensions for your browsers. There are many extensions available on Internet which you can use to open blocked sites like YouTube, Facebook etc in your school.

 Hola Unblocker and Zenmate are best and working extensions to open blocked websites. You should try these extensions once.

Open Blocked Sites by Url Rewriting

This simple trick to open blocked websites at schools work for many sites and may not work for many sites. It might work if you want to access blocked site which is hosted on VPS server. 

You just have to enter https:// before the address of the blocked site. May be this will work for you.

Using VPN softwares

This is one of the most used method worldwide for opening blocked sites. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. First of all you have to just install VPN software. There are many VPN software available over the net, some of them are free and some are paid. 
Free version have only limited bandwidth and if you are a regular user then go with Paid version. Tunnel bear is one such VPN software.

 Use Translator service

You can also use Google Translate service to access blocked websites. 
Just open Google translate and enter any blocked site with Http://, for example http://www.facebook.com and translate it to any other language which you understand. May be this will work for you.


So, these are  6 ways to access blocked sites that I had described to you. If  you need to know more about how to open blocked sites then follow the link. If you face any problem opening blocked sites at school or offices or want to give any suggestion then feel free to comment below.
I think that’s it for the day. Hope you liked the post. There are many other working methods to open blocked sites you can use. I would like to know which method you liked the most. If you find any other method to access blocked websites, do let us know in the comments.
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