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How to Speed Up Android Phone Performance Without Rooting

All Smartphones, tablets and other android devices give the most effective performance and speed when they are new. But, after using for a month or more they slow down gradually.

Have you ever wondered why your smartphones slow down with every passing day?
It’s because of the non-maintenance of the device and having/installing an excessive amount of applications.

What you’ve to do is take care of your android smartphone on a daily or weekly basis to get the speed and performance.
Don’t know how to make your android phone faster?
No worries!!

I will tell you in the below tutorial, how to speed up android phone without rooting with very simple steps. Here, I’ll show you the way to get the most effective performance and speed from your android devices with ease. By using the subsequent steps, you’ll be able to speed up android phone performance without rooting.

How to Speed Up Android Phone

In this article, I have listed some sure-fire methods for you to speed up android phone performance. I suggest you to try all of the methods listed below.

These are the methods I am going to discuss below that I used to speed up android performance:

  • Clean up cache memory
  • Uninstall unnecessary apps
  • Turn off mobile data connectivity
  • Remove the unnecessary widgets
  • Adjusting brightness of android phone
  • Limit live wallpapers usage on android device
Trying all the methods will let you know how to speed up android phone effectively through which method.
So, let’s get started with the tutorial.

#1 Clean up the App Cache Memory

All android apps store their data within the App cache memory and later recall the data by using your system resources very often which slow down your android device.
Due to this, your smartphone’s internal memory also gets reduced.
You can repair this and speed up android phone performance by clearing your android app cache data from the memory within the settings of every app.
However, if you have got too many apps, it will take much time to clear your App cache manually.

#2 Uninstall Unnecessary Android Apps

We know that, applications make the smartphones even smarter.
But wait,
Having too many apps can severely kill your system resources. As a result, installing too many apps can lead to always running innumerous processes within the background which may result in slowing down of your android smartphone.
To repair this drawback of your phone to speed up android phone performance once more, you’ve got to uninstall the unnecessary android apps.
How to uninstall an android application from your smartphone?
Go to manage applications option, found under Settings. Then, simply select any android app that you wish to uninstall and click on uninstall.
Then, a pop up window will appear confirming “Do you want to uninstall this app?
Click on Yes/OK and the app will be uninstalled.
Alternative Method:

Go to App Menu and find the app you wish to uninstall. Tap over the app and hold it for sometime.
Then, an option to simply “Uninsatll” will appear. Select it and app will be removed from your device.
This is the simplest and most effective way how to speed up android phone.

#3 Turn off the Mobile Data Connectivity

Many web apps like Gmail, Facebook invariably tries to connect with web and exploit your information resources regularly.
All that syncing can prevent your system and drain your battery power. Simply close the mobile data connectivity usage and preserve some resources to speed up android phone performance.
To turn off the mobile data connectivity, go to data usage under settings option and simply turn it off.
Now, you’ve completed another step to speed up your android phone performance.
Let’s move to the next step.

#4 Remove the Unnecessary Widgets

If you use external app launchers, then you might know that they generally create too many shortcuts on your android device.
Removing these shortcuts can also help you to make your phone faster up to an extent.
Also, the widgets too have eaten your memory resources, so try to remove the unnecessary widgets from your Android home screen and speed up your android phone.

#5 Adjusting Brightness of Android Device

Yes, using high brightness settings also reduce your battery and device performance.
So, to enable power saving mode merely adjust your brightness time to time.
I would recommend you to use automatic brightness option in your android device to save battery life and speed up android phone performance.

#6 Limit Widgets and Live Wallpapers Usage

At this point, most of you will oppose me as widgets are one of the many important benefits of using an android phone. They’re really helpful as they make accessing of data very quick and make our android phone even more handy.
I agree with you that using widgets on android smartphone enhance user experience but at the same time they reduce battery life and also make our android phone slow (especially the one which uses internet connection). So, limiting the widget count to only the necessary ones can speed up android phone performance drastically.

How to Speed Up Android Phone (Video Tutorial)



So, guys this was the tutorial about how to speed up android phone or we can say how to make your android phone faster .I hope i have mention the best and useful tips to improve performance android phone without rooting. 
If you know any other tips to speed up android phone performance and would like to add in this article, feel free to comment below.


  1. Hi Vinay, I enjoyed reading this post as it gives some amazing tips to increase android phone performance. uninstalling the unnecessary Apps sounds great. Because if we actually check, there might be so many Apps that we hardly use.

    – Rohan Chaubey.

  2. Hi Shahid,

    Actually, I suffered the same "Slow Android Phone" problem before writing this post. Then, I did some research and tried all the methods personally that were mentioned online.

    While searching different ways to speed up android phone performance, I found that majority of Android Users are facing the same issue and hence I decided to write a brief article on my blog with all the possible solutions available online.

    I keep updating this article, whenever I find a new way that could help me & my users to make android devices faster.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment.



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