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How to take Whatsapp data backup in Blackeberry?

Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you a simple whatsapp trick i.e. how to take Whatsapp data backup in Blackberry smartphones. Earlier we’ve discussed about why not to use Whatsapp Web, check out here I will try to keep the process short & simple so that you don’t face any difficulty in following the procedure.

Whatsapp Data Backup in Blackberry

Whatsapp Data Backup in Blackberry

Whatsapp application: The App which was being take over by Facebook, two years back, have always been one of the most used and favorite application of all times.

And why would not it be?

It is the only application which resulted in death of use of SMS.

Whatsapp is available in all the platforms of phones. Be it IOS or ANDROID, BLACKBERRY or boring WINDOWS or even simple mobile platforms that were once used like whatsapp for JAVA or SYMBIAN, whatsapp is available for all these devices.

This is the only reason, why whatsapp is so famous and why people love it so much. Unlike other applications, whatsapp is not at all nagging, or slow, but instead, it works quite fast even on slow networks.

Steps for taking the WhatsApp Data Backup in Blackberry

Well, let us talk about their newest technological improvements, Back Up.

Yes, they have now allowed their users to take a back up of their chats in their mail account or simply in their cell phone.

Android and Apple users can use this feature, but blackberry users will not be allowed to take a back up of their devices, until now!

Yes, we have also cracked a way for Blackberry users, to make them able to make a back up of their whatsapp chats.

How to Backup WhatsApp Data in Blackberry 10 Smartphones

All you have to do is to follow simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the whatsapp settings, and then into media settings, select backup conversations.

Step 2: The backup file will be saved as “messageStore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” which can be found in the /device/misc/whatsapp/backup folder on the BlackBerry 10 smart phone.

Step 3: The next step is to uninstall whatsapp from your device.

Step 4: After you reinstall the application again, fill in your number and choose the restore button and the correct back up file.

Hurray!! You’ve successfully taken Whatsapp data backup in Blackberry 10 smartphone.

How to Backup WhatsApp Data in Blackberry 7 SmartPhones

Step 1: If you have a Blackberry 7 Smart phone, you will need to enter a SD card into your device. And while restoring it, your device should have the backup card.

5.1- For this, you will have to open the application, then go to media settings, and then chat settings and then media center. If this does not work, then restart your phone.

5.2- Open the memory card with the help of black berry explorer and find the backup file named “messagestore.db”

5.3- Now rename it as “123messagestore.db”

5.4- This will make sure that all your whatsapp data will be restored in no time and without any glitches too.

The Compilatiopn on Taking Whatsapp Data Backup on Blackberry

Backups have always been a savior. It’s not only for help, but sometimes turns out to be very useful. In above steps you have been told about everything that you have to do. As easy and simple as always it is. Somehow or the other, we aim to find a way out of everything, always. It is although a bit different for the coming flagships for LG G5 and HTC one M10 too but that us keep that till the arrival. There’s not too much drama about such small things, so, Happy Whatsapping!


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