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How to Track a mobile Phone

Is your phone been stolen or you are just preparing to handle such situation in the future? Or, you are spying on someone? Whatever the issue is, personally I feel spying on someone is something very interesting as a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. Whether you are spying on others or not, if you are in need to track down a cell phone (your or other’s) this post will definitely help to get your job done. You can do tracking your mobile phone in various ways.

Track Any Kind of Lost Phone

Here I’m giving you some smart and simple tips to locate yours and someone else’s phone in case the phone is stolen or lost somewhere. Use different methods to locate different kind of phones.

Locating a Windows Phone: To locate a lost Windows Phone follow the following steps here:

Locating a Windows Phone

First of all, go to Windows Phone Website and choose the “Find My Phone” alternative.
Then you will need to sign in using your Windows account linked with your lost phone.
You will see a map showing an exact location of your phone if it gets traced.
There you will see options too to lock, Ring and Erase its data in case if your phone is not possible to find out.

Tracking Android Phones: if you need to track lost or stolen Android mobile phone this simple easy steps may help you out.
Tracking Android Phones

Firstly, download and install Android Device Manager on other android device from which you are going to track lost one.
Using “Android Device Manager” sign in your Google account with the same ID which is linked with your lost device.
Once you are logged in, the app will automatically start locating your lost device.
Then it will show you the last location of your lost mobile phone.
Also it will show you the options such as “Ring”, “Lock”, or “Erase”.

Tracking Apple iPhones: in case to locate a lost iPhone device the following are effective steps indeed.
Tracking Apple iPhones
Begin with log into the iCloud Website by an Apple ID linked to your lost mobile phone.
iCloud will let you to perform tracking from web browser or iPad. It shows the exact location of your lost phone on a map.
It will give an option which will let you to play Music, if the phone is nearby it helps you to find the phone easily.
If you don’t find the phone nearby you can go for another option “Erase iPhone” which can help you to delete all the information from the lost phone so that your private data will be save from wrong hands.
There is another option Lost Mode you can choose to lock down your lost phone. And also, It will display a number that can be reached at.

Track Someone Else’s Phone
If you want to track someone else phone such as your children, friends, employees, or a cheating partner, you will of course need a Smartphone to do it so. Simply download and install an phone tracking app. I am suggesting you to use ‘mSpy’. You can install this app within a very short amount of time and it is very easy to use. After complete installation the app stays hidden on the phone as well as it keep on tracking every activity on the phone like GPS location, Call Logs, Text Massages, Browsing History, Social Networking and Messenger Activity etc.

How to Use the App:
Download and install the app onto the target phone of whose location and activity you wish to track.
Keep the target phone in your hand until the app installation is done.
After the complete installation the app will immediately attempt to track, and give all information to your mSpy account.

So this were the list of few best ways how you can track a mobile phone.If you liked this article then please share and leave a comment below about your experience using this techniques because

It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

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