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7 Incredible Things Your Smartphone Can do

Well, well! Your smartphone isn’t called smart just because it has got an awesome operating system, has specifications better than the computers of the previous decade or allows you to install a variety of apps. This incredible little tool has got a lot of possibilities. You can do unbelievable things with your smartphone, most of which you don’t even know yet!

Incredible things your smartphones can do

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Presenting before you, a comprehensive list of some amazing things your smartphone can do for you – to amaze your friends, to increase productivity or just to make life a bit simpler! You’re going to enjoy this list profusely and I bet that!

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So let’s begin…

1. Solve Mathematical Problems By Clicking Their Picture

You didn’t know this before! PhotoMath is a wonderful app that solves your mathematics equations and problems, by just scanning them with your smartphone’s camera.

This tiny app will derive the exact solution step by step and give you the solution – along with simple and understandable steps. In case, you don’t understand any single step, a single tap on it would give you a more in-depth explanation.

I have tested this app personally and am using it frequently to check the answers to the questions in my Mathematics Textbook. It works like a charm for basic arithmetic, linear equations in one variable, quadratic equations, and basic trigonometry. Many more features are yet to come!

PS: Don’t try to scan handwritten problems with it. Only printed problems are detectable.

2. Talk to Your Smartphone

Google Now has developed considerably in the recent time, so much that you can now do virtually anything on your phone by voice commands. You can call someone, open an app, play some music, set a reminder/alarm, mail someone, text someone and even perform a basic Google search with it.

For example, if you want to call your friend Paul, press the small mic button on the Google search bar, and say, “Call Paul”. Your call will take place in seconds. In case there are more than one contacts with the name Paul or the contact Paul has more than one numbers, it will ask you which one to call. Again, you can respond with voice by saying “First one” or “Second one” or vice versa.

It’s amazing indeed. You will understand the features by practice.

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3. Experience Virtual Reality

Google Cardboard is a small box of cardboard that will take you to virtual reality along with your smartphone. There is a small cabin for your device, on which you have to open the Google Cardboard app, and there is a lens beyond that. You just have to see into the lens, and you will experience Virtual Reality.

Google Cardboard is a very cheap product. Google offers it, many local companies offer their versions, and you can even create your own little virtual reality machine! Click here for a simple tutorial.

4. Use Your Smartphone as Remote

Believe it or not. It works! Your smartphone can act as a substitute to your TV, DVD and even AC remote.

There are many apps available on Google Play for this purpose. I couldn’t find any app that could act as a universal remote. Therefore, you would have to choose to depend upon your TV/DVD/AC manufacturer. If you own a Tata Sky +HD, there’s an Android remote app launched by Tata Sky. If you own an OPO smartphone, you perhaps have a remote control app pre-installed.

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5. Turn It Into a Compass

Preparing a list for the trip items? Remove Compass from your list!

Compass app (click to download) lets you use your Android smartphone as a compass. Nothing much to say here, the app works perfect and can be helpful at times.

6. Emulate PSP Games and Play

Gone is the need for PSP! You can now emulate those fabulous games and play them on your smartphone.

An app called PPSSPP does the job for you. Get the game files into your SD card and locate them via the app. That’s it! This app will try to match the console like feeling and also allows you to Save/Load game state so that you can continue from where you left off.

There’s a paid version of this app, PPSSPP Gold, which comes with additional features.

7. Control Your Desktop

With Teamviewer, you can control your desktop while being away just as if you were present in front of your system. With this app, you don’t have to worry about being physically present in front of your PC in order to access it.

Just open this app, and log in with the same credentials as you do on the desktop. Note that your desktop needs to have Teamviewer too for this to work!

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Final Verdict

I hope I showcased many cool things your smartphone can do! I guess you’re quite amazed by it!

In case you want to continue the quest for fun things and are looking for some more awesomeness, click on the below link:


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