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Interview with Paul Billygraham Reang of Chrometechny

Welcome to the beginning of a new series,TOD! Chat. Today, here is the 1st interview on Techno Overdose. I’ve with me a special person (who is also one of my blogging inspirations) for today’s interview. He had emerged as one of the great bloggers with his hard and smart work in a short span of time.

I am talking about Paul Billygraham Reang of ChromeTechny. All I can say about him is that he is a really kind and helpful person. He had proved that you need to have dreams and strong desire to succeed in any field of life. As far as I know, he always prefer to do smart work over hard work.

I won’t let you waiting anymore. So, let’s start with the Interview and see what does he have today for us.

Interview with Paul Reang of ChromeTechny

Ques.  Hi Paul, welcome to Techno Overdose. My readers would like to know about you. Can you introduce yourself to my blogging community?

Reply: Hi guys, my name is Paul billygraham Reang, I am 20 years old. I am from Tripura, Agartala.(North-east India. I am currently doing my B.Tech from NIT, Agartala. Apart from studies I love blogging, you can find me on my blog ChromeTechny.

Ques. Tell us about your childhood, growing up and your family. Are you from an entrepreneurial background?

Reply: I belong to a middle class family and the place where I had spend my child hood was actually un-developed area. When I was 6 years old, we had no electricity in our village. As I was living in a very small village I never expected myself to become a part of internet. I always love to do things cleanly instead of leaving it half done (Only where I am interested).

Later when we came  Agartala for further studies When I was in class 5. When we get projects in school we used to go internet shops for solution, but I was never the guy who sit in computer. In other words, I was never interested in internet stuffs.

No, I am not from an entrepreneurial background. My Grand Parents are farmers nor any other members are entrepreneur. When I gave my Grand parents few of my earning via blogging they ask me one question. Do you have to pay back the money again?? I laughed and answered no.

Ques. How and where did you get the motivation to step up in the blogging world? What were the initial difficulties you faced in your blogging journey?

Reply: I really had hard time in my past. Many times I missed my food and stopped going here and there. I completely sit in computer, searching things on Google. I had really bad days, moreover in our state no one else know about blogging who could tell me about blogging.

I had some financial problem, due to which I wanted to make money as a part time. But I found blogging very interesting and I felt secure career. I decided to become professional blogger from that day. I knew that I was not going to give up, but work hard and make it happen.

Ques. Who had been your blogging inspiration from initial days? Which blogs do you follow?

Reply: I was extremely motivated by Harsh Agarwal and Saurabh Saha.

Firstly, I was inspired by the earnings of Harsh, but later when I read his blog I was more inspired by his blog. That was the day which changed my life. Anything I was reading on his blog was really helpful and I felt like he was speaking with me. I later decided I will make a blog in such a way, so that if anybody visits my blog, it should help him out completely.

Saurabh Saha: This is a guy who took very short time to succeed in blogging world. I also wanted to make my blog go high in short time. Not only I was inspired by him, but he helped me each time when I needed the help most. Even today he always help me, whatever he tells me actually means and help me a lot to grow. I read almost anything I find interesting but I mostly read Shoutmeloud.

Ques. How and when did you received your first earning from your blog? What is your present main source of online earning?

Reply: My first earning came via affiliate marketing. I was extremely happy but also I knew that it was just a start and long way to go.
Today my main earning comes from Affiliate & Direct advertisement.

Ques. What was your family’s response to you become a blogger? Do you get parent’s support?

Reply: Not only my parents but even some close relatives were against it. However, when I started to meet my success, my parents started supporting me. My dad played very important role behind my success, when ever I needed support my dad was supporting in finance.

Ques. You have achieved a nice Alexa Ranking in a short span. What’s the secret behind it?

Reply: Actually, Alexa ranking is not in yours or my hand. What we have in our hand is our blog. I just focused on Quality and worked really really hard. Alexa is more about traffic and being active. You will find your blog moving up once you drive traffic from different source, not only once source. They count referral, search & social traffic.

Ques. You are a SEO expert. What tips would you like to share with my blogging community?

Reply: SEO is today what we need to know about. I will just share you one method which I follow. First I do keyword research and check my competitors whether I can rank it or not. Because I will write about it just one time not 2 or 3 times.

After this I 100% give importance to on-page SEO. After this I just share my post on my social account. I create backlinks only sometimes not all the time. Follow this, I am sure you will find big improvement.

Ques. What is your long-term vision of blogging? How should a blogger prepare himself for future changes, i.e. Google algorithm, etc?

Reply: Nowadays, I only focus on providing quality post to my readers. Things will keep changing all the time, so it is not good to follow shortcut methods. Keep your blog clean safe & I would more focus on On-page SEO.

Ques. What are the important software and plugins you use on your blog? What do you rely on for the SEO of your blog?

Reply: Currently, I use SEO by Yoast plugin for my blog’s On-Page SEO. Other than this, I use date exclusive plugin for removing my old post date from Search engine snippets.

Ques. What are your tips to boost blog traffic that could work for any blogger?

Reply: New blog fully rely on social traffic, you cannot do anything or expect high Organic traffic. You should make use of the forums and social media to drive huge traffics. But in other hand you should work on your blog to get organic traffic.

Ques. What are your future plans regarding your blogging career?

Reply: I am going to give my full time to blogging as soon as I complete my studies. Well, I started working in Tripura where I am teaching them about blogging for FREE. I have a dream to see good number of bloggers. I will be working on different blogging niche in future as a team.

Ques. What according to you makes a blog popular and successful?

Reply: To make a blog popular you need social presence & quality. If you can give people reasons to visit your blog, your blog is surely going to be popular soon. If I can’t give a proper contents why would my readers read my articles again. So I must say, simply quality matters.

Ques. I had been in a touch with you for a long time. So, what are your personal views about me and my blog, Techno Overdose?

Reply: Well, When I first came across your blog. It was just like almost everything was going wrong. But I have seen big improvement in short time. I hope to see this blog at higher place soon. This blog is an informative blog, people must have enjoyed reading your blog.

Ques. Lastly, what suggestions would you like to give me and my blogging community?

Reply: Lastly be yourself and make your own identity. Which is 100% unique from others.

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Thank You Paul for giving your precious time for us from your hectic schedule.

You’ve shared really a informative and useful words with me and my blogging community. These are really golden words for all of us.

So guys, how did you like the Interview? I hope you checked out Paul’s Blog.

Now, I’ll express all my thoughts and replies in the comments below, and hope you also do the same.

Thanks for Reading  this interview with Paul Reang and hope you also took some great tips from here to help you in your blogging career.

Over to You

What’s the best thing about Paul that you liked the most? What is your take away and message that you liked the most from this interview with Paul Reang?


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