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iPhone 7 Rumored Features and Specifications

Apple is always looking for something more for the users. The iPhone has always been the best for users in terms of experience and the features. However, Apple is not going to take anything lightly and planning for the iPhone 7. Even though there is no official information regarding iPhone 7 from Apple but the rumors have suggested the features and specifications of the brand new iOS phone. Here are the specifications that you can expect from the all new iPhone 7.


Display –

If the latest rumors are to be believed then, the display of the iPhone 7 is going to be curved. However, more efficiency can be expected from the glass wraparound design in other words called as the foldable design. The new technology is reportedly is going to be tested without changing the display size. The exterior of the display will also be changed as per the latest technology. If the rumors are to be believed then the liquid metal materials will be implemented on the exterior of the screen. It could also facilitate the 3D Touch for all new iPhone 7.

Water-Proofing –

This should be the biggest feature of the Apple for iPhone 7. The step is considered great for health functionalities. The change was expected after the launch of Apple  Watch with waterproof features. It can be used even under the water for greater utility and benefits of the users.

Camera –

The new iPhone 7 may come with a six elements camera. According to the rumors, a company in Taiwan is already working on the same and expected that camera will be powerful with high response time. This should be the best camera for all iPhone series. As of now, no speculation on the resolution has been made on the iPhone 7.

Processor –

A strong processor is expected for the new iPhone 7. If rumors are to be believed then the all new A10 processor is expected to be launched along with the iPhone 7. The new generation processor will be used for higher memory utilization and faster performance. If all goes well, then iPhone 7 is going to be the fastest phone of the world. However, all are based on speculation as of now and no official claim has been made.

Battery –

The iPhone has always struggled with the battery performance and the world will wait for an iPhone with better performance. As of now, the speculation has indicated very high performance for the battery. The new processor is believed to be even more stronger and it will also help in better battery performance. This will be a welcome change for the users as iPhone 7 needs a battery performance.

The rumors have suggested that iPhone 7 is going to be launched in the next year September. However, there is no official confirmation on the same. However, the trends and the reports suggest that Apple is going to follow it and official confirmation might be expected next year. More features and speculations are also expected in the due course.


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