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iPhone 8 : Rumours Taking Place Over the Web

When you read the title fo this article in the very first place, you will surely be surprised seeing that! You know why, isn’t it? Who talks about iPhone 8 when the iPhone 6 has just been released, and there hasn’t been any news about iPhone 7. 
But then, iPhone 7 is something everyone will talk about, now that the iPhone 6 has been launched. So we get you things Tha are different! And hence, here we bring to you a glimpse of iPhone 8, which are certainly based upon assumptions too!


iPhone 8 Features And Specifications :- 

To begin with, let’s look at what features would this get for us.
Seeing the size increase with the launch of every version, iPhone 8 is expected to be a 6 inch display, with OLED, unlike the earlier ones! And of course the phone would come up with gorilla glass. On the camera front, it is most likely to have a 20MP rear camera, and a 6MP front shooter! It would come in three variants as far as the internal storage space is concerned, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. The RAM is expected to be of 8GB, which in turn means a super fast processor! Multiple tabs are always a plus point on the iPhones. 
The battery is expected to be decent enough, with 18hrs of work on 4G network. iPhone never fails us, and has always been a treat to the world of technology! Apple has always made sure to provide the best quality, along with best rates as well. *if you know what I mean*
Apple iPhone 6 released a couple of months back, and iPhone 8 is expected not before than first quarter of 2017, too far from now though!
The iPhone 8 Price is something we can never really gauge, because iPhone has always been a little extra expensive. It is not something every middle-class person could offer bit sets apart the high class, and is one definition of class when the teenagers talks about it!
iPhone has always teased us with the long wait for all its phones. However, the sooner the better phrase doesn’t seem to really work out for Apple, and they follow something opposite! So happy waiting for now! 

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