Kingo Android Root Download for PC Free

Generally Rooting is performed on smartphones that runs on Android or other OS, to rectify the errors or we can say to overcome some kind of limitations that lacks the manufacturer’s eyes. Through this process you can improve your Smartphones features.


Kingo Android Root is a one of the best and most popular Rooting software. Every Android user must have this software to root their smartphones for better performances.  With it you can root your Android devices in the easiest as well as safest way. Most importantly it is freely available to everyone. This Rooting software is able to root almost all the manufacturer’s smartphones that runs on Android.

It is designed with special feature to detect any gadgets automatically which is connected to your computer to start the process of rooting.

Features of Kingo Android Root:

  • Before rooting, Kingo Android Root automatically synchronizes all of your data to a second app so that if anything goes wrong, you will not have to lose your data.
  • It only accesses the root only apps.
  • It comes with a nice layout.
  • Works faster than any other rooting software.
  • It is free to download.
  • Supports all manufacturer’s Smartphone models like: Sony, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo etc.
  • It is fully Ads free.
  • Also it can boost up your smartphone’s battery life.
  • You can also customize its appearance.

How you can Root Your Android device with Kingo Android Root:

To root your Android smartphone with Kingo, follow the steps-

Step 1: First download the Free Kingo Android Root software from the official site. To download from the official site Click Here.

After downloading, install it on your windows computer (desktop/laptop).

Install the latest version. The latest version is equipped with well designed interface for the better rooting experiences and improved rooting procedures. Also the developers are fixes the minor bugs which was present in the previous version.

Note: Make sure you have active internet connections on your computer.

Step 2: After installing Connect your device to the computer with a USB cable. You have to enable the ‘USB Debugging Mode’ so that it shows on your computer.

Step 3:  Kingo Android Root automatically recognizes your device and shows you ROOT button. Click on it and wait for some time. Before clicking on the Rooting process you should read the notification which you will see at the screen so that you will be aware of all kinds of risks related to rooting.

Step 4:  If all goes well, the the rooting will be completed in a few minute. Now Click ‘Finish’ to end the rooting process. You can now see that your Android smartphone is now rooted with the help of Kingo Android Root.


Now you can feel the differences in the performances of your smartphone. It will work faster, smoother and better.

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