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Reasons Why Companies Are Already Doing Local SEO

No matter what size your business has grown to, local SEO is essential for the continued success of your business, and here is why.

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Online marketing has become somewhat of an essential area for just about all businesses, but for many people, when they consider internet advertising, they only see the advantages therein for large, multinational companies that are advertising to millions, if not billions of clients on an international basis, and additionally have the resources at their disposal to do so competitively.

However, the stirrings and transformations in search engine optimisation over the past few years have incorporated many tweaks and features from Google’s end, accommodated to provide an invaluable service for local businesses as well as those that operate internationally, to drive only the most valuable traffic towards their websites; ones that direct local business to their firms by sending a message out to the right prospective audience, who are likely to react to the medium in the most favourable manner possible, appellatively.

Of course, local SEO is nothing new, and here are a few good reasons why so many businesses have been conducting it. So if you haven’t been localising your SEO efforts, take a look at these few simple reasons why it is not just beneficial, it is absolutely crucial to the success of your business in this day and age.

What do we mean by ‘local SEO’?

Local SEO regards optimising your website to rank favourably according to your business’s location. This is important when advertising online, because if you don’t whittle down your audience to that which is most relevant to your business, you could end up spending far more resources in terms of money, time and effort on reaching a target that can in no way bring your business, due to their location in relation to yours. In plain English, why advertise your local fish and chips shop to a family in Iceland if you are in London? Any efforts and resources used in doing so would be a complete waste.

Localising your SEO allows prospective customers to find you based on their location, which is often determined by their IP address or location tracking from their mobile devices. For many businesses, location is a huge determining factor for who they are marketing for, so incorporating it into their SEO strategies just makes sense. Paying attention to this will also allow you to rank competitively against businesses in your area, and those surrounding it, just another reason to take advantage of the benefits of local online marketing.

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Local SEO to direct the right business

One of the major concerns for SEO is not just about getting your site to rank highly, but to direct it only to those users who are likely to bring in more business. Using digital mediums to build up a strong client-business relationship is important but can get expensive if you go about it incorrectly, but even worse than that it can be completely ineffective if you don’t target the right internet users.

This can get a little complicated when the web is involved because of its availability to an international audience. If you are running a bistro, then I’m sure you would agree that there is no point in advertising to users outside of your own city, let alone your own country, and it is because of examples such as this that local SEO is so important.

Ask any online marketing agency out there, and they will express the importance of using localised SEO to reach the right audience without expending unnecessary resources on reaching an audience who has no interest in your services or products, due to proximal differences or niche preferences.

Unfortunately, quite a number of sites miss the beat with this, especially when it comes to their AdWords campaigns when they prefer to bid for high ranking keywords that don’t necessarily reflect the businesses location. In this case, not only are they missing out on vital ranking opportunities, but are also throwing a lot of money down a very deep well.

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Local SEO to save money

SEO can get very expensive, especially with concerns to your Google AdWords campaign where you bid for keywords and pay per click. If your local SEO has not been properly conducted, much of your marketing budget may be expended in this regard on users who will never convert into customers purely because of their proximal relation to your business; so by localising your campaign with specific keywords relating to your location, you are saving your campaign from chewing through your budget in a big way. This is because only those users who are near your location will be directed to your site; meaning that the clicks you are paying for, are the ones that count the most.

As mentioned above, correctly optimising your local SEO will also give you a competitive and cost effective advantage over your competitors, as you find yourself paying less for localised keywords that don’t rank as highly as others on paper, but will certainly drive the right traffic to your site.  The intriguing thing about localising your strategy is that the more specific you get, the better it works and the more cost effective it becomes. So to go back to my example of the chip shop in London, if it were to bid for keywords such as ‘fish and chips shop in St. Davids’, you would likely see better and more cost effective results… assuming of course, that’s where your hypothetical chip shop is located.

Should your competitors have missed this little SEO gem, you will find yourself gaining quite the advantage over them in input required, resources expended and the results of your optimisation campaign.

Google Pigeon, localising your campaign

A while ago, Google Pigeon was launched to better the services provided by Google for local businesses that was designed to give them a competitive edge in the local market concerning their industry. More than that, it was designed to help users find the most relevant results of their searches, specifically in relation to their location. The algorithm makes good use of Google maps to assist users who are in your area to find local results for their queries, which will be displayed depending on the radius of their search. The use of mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets which can pick up on the user’s location has made this possible, so too has the ability to roughly trace an IP address to its location.

So by localising your SEO correctly, you can take advantage of this feature to up your local business, without wasting time and money on advertising to the wrong audience. There’s always an SEO company in London, like Digital Search Group, that has all but mastered the art of conducting local SEO through their understanding of Pigeon, and many small businesses have benefited for it.

So if you haven’t been paying all that much attention to your local SEO efforts and have been wondering why your budget isn’t reflecting your conversions, perhaps it is time to take a different approach and hone in on a specific audience with local SEO.

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