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How to Make Free Phone Calls on Android – Easy Tricks

There were days when people use landlines to make a call for various purposes since there were no wireless services in those days. But nowadays people carries mobile phones along with them everywhere they go. This is a sign of civilization and modernization as well. Moreover, we cannot deny the fact that we are surrounded by the latest gadgets which make our task easier compare to earlier. Likewise, people started making free phone calls on Android as well from their Smartphone.

free phone calls on android


In this article, I will highlight some of the best applications, through which you can make free phone calls on Android costing nothing. Just read this article to get more ideas how to make free calls from your Android devices.

When we talk about free calls on Android what comes to our mind first is WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts etc. apart from that if you want to know about many such apps read the whole body of the content.

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Best 5 Applications which Enables you to Make a Free Phone Calls on Android:


Facebook is the most commonly used social application that allows you to interact with peoples from far places. Apart from that it also allows you to make a free call through the Facebook messenger; this is the advantages you can enjoy in this application.

facebook messenger on android


In order to make a free call, it is necessary for both to have this application. So, apart from messaging, this application also enables you to make a free call whenever necessary.


 Almost most of the people have this interactive application in their Smartphone today. This application is famous for its video and audio chatting facilities, which allows you to connect with other Skype users. It offers you the best service with multiple facilities on your device.

skype for android


Thus making a free call has become much easier with this amazing app. For the people who used this app already experienced its flexibility.


 This application is newly launched, but it offers very good service almost like of those Facebook messenger and Skype and similar other social apps.

tango on android


This new application enables you to make a video calling as well, you no longer need to waste balance in calling, unless you need to call a person without having anyone the same application on their device.


 This normally helps you to make free text messages where you can also make a free calling with another person using this application or alike. For using this, you need to create a Google account which enables you to access to Google Play Store.

Google Hangout for Android


Though its service is not up to the mark as of Skype and Facebook, but you can easily make free calls to your dear ones through this.


 Though some of you are yet not heard about this app, but it is rightfully a good messaging app, because you can make a group chat with other Nimbuzz users and send stickers as well. Though people are still to use this app, but I can say that this is best apps where you will find calling option as well.


nimbuzz for android

This is an amazing application like Facebook messenger and other social apps.


Almost all the peoples have social apps on their Android devices now. So, if you want to call a person who also uses any of these apps, you can easily make a free phone calls on the Android users and speak as long as you want. If the network runs smooth. Hereafter, I hope that in the coming days, when people will hardly put balance in their phones to make a call. So, if you want to experience these best service on your Android device, make sure you get these apps on your Android phones.

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