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Micromax YuFit Fitness Band Review: All You Need to Know

Micromax YuFit is awesome fitness band with amazing price you never imagine. Micromax has found the way of fitness in low price. Otherwise if you will compare other company’s fitness tracker they are too pricey and unreachable to several common men. Now you can take the advantages of more fit life with Yufit band. In competition there are Xiaomi Mi band also available in the market with same price. So, you need to specify your choice which will be worthy for your need.


YuFit Band Price

I know you want to know the price first. Micromax YuFit Band is priced at just Rs. 999. It is featured with an OLED display and water resistant. Rains or shower will not deter it to track your progress.  Xiaomi Mi Band is also featured with IP 67 rating, which means it is also waterproof. Though, nothing has been disclosed yet in rating Micromax fitness band. The small OLED screen is useful in showing the data of your activities.

YuFit Band Features and Apps

Literally, you cannot compare this Yufit with high tech fitness tracker but what you can ask for more.

If you will connect with Fitbit app you can insert the information manually and monitor on what you eat like vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. It will assist you to track the calorie intake by making you more conscious of your eating habit.

According to the schedule and budget, the users can avail the services crafted with their daily activities. Yufit is almost like fitness experts as it sets certain rule in your lifestyle and you have to go with that. Apart from the YuFit Band from Micromax there was an announcement of HealthYU Cassette, a compact device with two suction cups that can check ECG, respiration and blood Oxygen that is also in Rs. 4,999 and you don’t need to use the wires or chest straps.

The use of the suctions cups by attaching it with the back portion of smartphone will be helpful. When you put fingers on the sensors of the Cassette, which transfer the data to the connecting app on smartphone then it shows all outcomes of your whole day deeds. It notified accurate result of your certain activity. So, you can say it is all in all good investment. Will it be remain in the mind of users or buyers or its usability will not let people go for it. Wait for knowing the right impact over the market.

Fitbit release all the trackers in India, here you find the fitbit coupon.

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