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In some government offices, schools, college campus or in libraries, the administrator or sometimes the website owner block some popular websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Gaming website or movies website, so the users or the clients have to suffer from various kind of problems. But you don’t need to be worry all about, as I will be helping you with some of the proxy server lists that will enable you to use as a proxy server.

proxy server lists

For example, If you need to download regarding Structural Analysis from YouTube, you will not be able to download or open that site. So, the only choice you have is open that site using Proxy websites.

These Proxy sites will allow accessing any blocked websites and surf the internet without any problem. Not only you will be able to access your favorite website, but also you will be able to download any videos, movies or any games from any sites. So today, I am going to posts all the top rated and reputed Proxy sites only for you.

What is Proxy Server?

Proxy Sites acts as a bridge between the user’s system and the internet. Which means it totally take over full control over the internet using some secret proxy service. The main thing what these proxy sites do is, it converts all the data or information to access the website which is unauthorized.

In this way, the Proxy servers hide the identification of the users or clients by changing the IP address automatically and help the user to access that particular blocked websites. This Proxy sites will encrypt all the communication and make the owner or administrator unable to track you because it will hide your identity secretly.

How to unlock blocked Websites?

As a newbie, you might find some difficulties for using the proxy sites in order to unlock the blocked website. It is very easy to unlock your favorite block websites. You just have to copy the website link/URL and paste in that proxy sites or just type the website link and press enter key. It will automatically unlock the websites.

Actually what proxy servers do is, it will change your IP address and the administrator, who blocked that website will not be able to notice your identity and you will be able to open your desired website without any issues. This is actually known as “Reverse Proxy” which means, that these proxy sites acts as an intermediate link to connect to the server and the sources.

Top 5 Rated Proxy Server Lists:

Here are the top 5 best proxy server lists, which are free from harmful malware, viruses. The following proxy sites which I am going to mention down below will help you to change your IP address automatically and provides you full access to visit any popular websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and even adult sites. Here are the lists:-


This proxy site is really very awesome and amazing. This proxy site will help you to access your most favorite websites such as Facebook, twitter, and other video sharing websites.

Not only this, you can also access to all the popular movie sites, which are blocked by the administrator. You will be able to download all kind of videos, movies, games, etc without having any issues.


This site is also one of the best and well known to almost every country. This proxy site is free from harmful malware as well will help you to browse and access any websites without any need of registration or sign in.

This proxy site will indeed allow you to open any website secretly by hiding your real identity.


This proxy site will hide your identity by changing your IP address automatically. The administrator or the owners have no chance to notice your real identity as this proxy site acts as a bridge between the server and the sources.

So, if you are finding any difficulties in accessing your favorite sites in College campus, Schools, Offices or Library, you don’t have to worry at all, because this proxy site will save your identity.


This website is also very popular in different parts of the globe. Most of the students and employees use this website because this proxy site will let you download any videos, movies or games without any issues. This proxy site will hide your IP address and help you to access any websites.


This proxy site is indeed very easy to use and free from all kinds of malware or viruses. So, you can use this proxy site for accessing all kind of video sites, movies or games sites without any problem.

But if you are facing any problem regarding these block sites, you should definitely visit this proxy site once.


If you are either confused or stuck with the bad Wifi network on your device, then I would rather personally like to recommend you to get those above best proxy server lists. This proxy server will certainly ease you from all of the problems that you are facing.

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