How to restart clash of clan ?

As we know that clash of Clans is the most played online game. Clash of clan is the worldwide game ever discovered, it is an online multiplayer game, where you will build a community as like village where you will train troops and attack other players to earn elixir, dark elixir, gold coins.

Clash of Clan


The coins, elixirs will help you to build  your  defenses to guard your village from intruders and elixir and dark elixir is also used for upgrading your troops and spells. The clash of clan game provides you two builders on the bargaining of the game and you can also buy three more builders by using gems the max builders is five. Builders are very important  for upgrading your any building.

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In the clash of clan game, you will found a town hall, it  is the heart of your village and you will get a clan castle where you will search to a high-level clan and you can also create your own clan, you can also text in clan chat or global chat. To play clash of Clans you need to sign in google play store, add your nickname as you like.

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The clash of clan game when you go for a loot you can take troops you like and spells. There are many kinds of spell each spell do the different thing , and the mighty hero’s immortal king, Queen and grand warden they never die they just need some to recover only the grand warden is the only hero which born without elixir. In clash of clan, trophy is the most important thing the more trophy you have the more you get loot bonus to saving your troops you can get shield, its protect you from loot loss. Also, you can do war by saying your team leader to search a war, in war, you will get two chance to attack your opponents base each attack winning will give their stars for your clan and war loot bonus. The  all loot bonus  will be stored in your clan treasure you can collect it whenever you like.

How to restart clash of clan

  1. You can’t restart the clash of the clan because of its terms and condition, all you need to do is open a new google account then go for your old account and remove it.
  2. Once it’s completed, setup your device as usual.
  3. Create new Game
  4. (Go to Settings > General> Factory Reset) to reset your device to default settings.
  5. Create a new account in google play store.
  6. Download Clash of Clans and install it in you phone or PC.
  7. When it asks you to load your old village, just click Cancel.

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Guys this is the way how to restart the game clash of the clan  by using this seven method.

I hope you all enjoyed the article and satisfied with my suggestions. As you know Clash Of Clans is one of the best riot strategy game among all the top class games and played by millions of people. I have tried to explain you in the simplest way and give you enough information to understand easily. Please let me know your opinion by commenting below.

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