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New Housing Infusing Transparency in Realty Business

If one goes through the history of (it is not much- considering the portal is only two and half years old), one would realize that it was created having realized the need for a reliable property portal online. has always been helmed by innovation. It has used technology and mathematics to approach issues that were deemed unsolvable earlier. However, the portal has been successfully able to resolve them in ways that could not have been assessed earlier. Android App

But despite their success, and the dependability that managed to garner, it was not able to effectively communicate with stake holders and end users as an organization. It has been an efficient tool no doubt, but what it stood for as an organization was unclear. This is the reason why the portal decided to brand itself and let the world be able to connect with it easily. An exercise was conducted within the organization to decide on logo and finally, ‘Look Up icon was created. This icon stands for progressive thinking as well as nurturing shelter. When you open the homepage, you see the inverted ‘V’ sign prominently displayed. This sign represents everything is and intends to be.

Layout of the New Website

The website is more compact now. This is despite the new vibrancy that has taken the centre stage; the property search options are still efficiently available. The new portal shows the ‘Look Up’ sign prominently and just underneath it are all the options available. This sign renders colours to a website that had one of the simplest interfaces aiming all tech websites. The myriad colours now add to the beauty and charm of the website. The Look Up icon infuses one with a sense of confidence and positivity and all the exploratory options are mentioned just underneath. Whether you are looking for a rental property or an individual house for sale in Chennai, all the search options are neatly lined up below the icon banner.

The ‘Look Up’ icon is present in at least two other places on the webpage amidst the older feature options. It keeps prompting the end user to discover more. The ‘Look Up’ page offers a comprehensive insight into the new housing vision and mission and what does their icon stand for. It is hard to question the recall factor once a person learns about his/her importance on The land and plot search options have been segregated and listed on the bottom of the page prominently.

The Symbolism of Progression is no longer a real estate website.It is a brand that has progressive thinking and opts for optimism and innovation as its driving factors. The layout of the webpage exudes elegance in its simplicity. The confidence that the portal exudes with its vision and mission definitely persuade one to look up, beyond needs and into the dreams. The portal has clarified that the reason why it confidently marches into the future are people. So it urges them to imagine a future and allow the portal an opportunity to fulfil that future. It persuades people to dream big and explore beyond their necessity

In Conclusion

Look Up is a reminder to dream bigger and go for the best lifestyle that we may have hoped for.

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