Get The Latest Saavn Pro Version | Do You Really Need Redeem Code?

SAAVN is the most versatile platform for music lovers. Being a music lover and a Saavn user myself, I do have to brag and say “It has the best music collection”. And to say it straight, Saavn is my default music player; I don’t store music anymore in my smartphone or PC. Whenever I want to listen to songs while working, taking a ride or traveling, Saavn is all I use. With over  30 million songs on their server, you can be sure to find & create a playlist which you would love to hear now and then.

Though with the Saavn you have to face the wrath of ads and download limitation, you can easily get rid of all these factors with Saavn Pro version. You can choose to change your songs list whenever you want to and add new songs to your playlist.

Saavn Online Music Listening Features:

Not in a mood to listen to your playlist? Well, just choose from the Catalog of songs like New Releases, Charts & Playlists or Browse & Discover. You can even opt to listen to completely random songs from on Radio Station.


[ The categories & the songs that you will be suggested and you can search from will be from the language category of songs that you have to choose after you have installed Saavn. But if you are on a web browser, you can opt to search for any category.]

saavn pro

New Release:

Here you will be able to find all the latest songs of the category you want to choose from. You can select Hindi, English, Tamil, Odia and many other types and depending on your choice, you will be having the latest releases presented to you.

Charts and Playlist:

The playlist will have the collection of your playlist and even a few similar suggestions that you might want to listen to. And personally, I did love listening to list, and the songs were quite good and suggestive to what my playlist was about.

The Charts are an amazing collection of the most popular songs. This group can include songs which are popular nowadays and even over the decade. So don’t be surprised if you find your favorite college songs or the songs that you have heard somewhere but you don’t remember about it.

Browse & Discover:

This will be a collection of category of songs like Awards (Award winning songs), HipHop, EDM, Party, Chill, Jazz, Saavn Personal Playlist for You and much more. They even have a category for Devotional, Gazal, Sufi and Evergreen Songs. So you can be sure that you will be able to find any song that you want to hear right from here.

Radio Stations:

The Radio Station offer you to choose the best playlist you can ever listen from. You can choose from Chartbusters, Road Tripping,  Party. Golden Oldies, Wireless Freedom, Throwbacks and much more. You will be chosen to play songs from any playlist, but you won’t be having control over what songs you want to listen to (Radio Concept).

Moreover, with Radio Station you can even have a freedom of choosing which artist you want to listen to.  Or you can choose from the saved station that you liked and continued listening to it.

Except all these categories to choose from, you will also be offered with Weekly Top 15, a New Release Update, Top Hits and Saavan Editor Collection.


Choosing Your Desired Music Language:

saavn pro

You can choose from a wide variety of languages in which you want to listen to songs. Few of them are like English, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Rajasthani and more. So now no matter what you want to here and where you are from, you can be sure that you will be able to find the Song Language that you want to hear in.

Downloading Songs on Saavn Pro for Offline Playlist:

If you download the official Saavn application from the PlayStore, you won’t get a pro version, and you will need to get paid subscription for downloading songs. But if you simply go ahead and download the Saavn Pro version from an open store, you will be able to download the songs for listening on offline mode.

Saavn offline

What is the Offline Mode?

The Offline Mode is one of the best features of the Pro version; this will help you to play all the downloaded songs right from Saavn. You can also play your on the phone songs right from Saavn. And this is why I have set Saavn as my default music player. As you can enjoy the taste of your old favorite songs and even the latest songs right from Saavn.


[You won’t be able to play the songs that you have downloaded on Saavn from your device for as the content is under copyright and also a DRM content.]

Choosing the Quality of Streaming & Downloaded Music:

You can choose the streaming quality of the music starting from 96kbps to 320kbps. I would suggest you keep the selection on 160kbps as this will provide with the best listening experience while saving a lot of your data.

saavn songs quality

On a Saavn Pro version, you will be able to download a lot of songs. You will have a Cache place of Unlimted, so practically that is enough for any ones need.

Saving Your Playlist & Songs:

This is one of the most crucial things that you want to do. Recently I switched from my S7 to S7 Edge, and this made me lose my playlist. But for you to avoid such situations you will simply need to create a profile. You can do that by clicking on the setting on right top corner and then Sign in with a Phone number or Facebook account or even an email.

So the next time you switch your device or even if you format your device, all you have to do is Login to your Saavn account to get access to your playlist. (though you have to download the songs again if you don’t have a pro version)

Sharing with Friends and Grabbing Follower:

Sign in to your Saavn account and in invite your friends to follow you. You will receive much more updates with their playlist. If your playlist is exquisite, you will gain more and more followers.

Saavn Surprise Me!

saavn feature

This is an additional feature which you might like. Though this feature isn’t much, with this feature you will be able to hear random songs whenever you want.

Do you need the Redeem Code for Saavn?

saavn pro

If you are thinking about searching for a redeem code for your Saavn app, then all you need is a pro version. Grabbing the Pro version from an open market will help you enjoy all the features of paid redeemed version of

Saavn OS Platform Supports:

Being the age of SmartPhones, Saavn has been made available all the 3 major platforms which are Android, iOS and Windows. And being available for these 3 major platforms means you will be able to enjoy using Saavn on any Smartphone you want.

Saavn appliaction

How To Download and Install the Saavn Pro Version?

It really really easy to download and install the Pro version for free. All you have to do is search for Saavn Pro version for free. Now simply download the Saavn pro version for any of the link available. You can also download the Light or dark theme Saavn pro version. After you have downloaded the raw file, you will need to give access to allow “Unknown Sources”.

Install Saavn with unknown access

And now you will be able to install this unknown source application on your device and start enjoying the Saavn Pro version.

So this is all about Saavn that you would want to know. Have any questions? Leave a comment below.

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