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Samsung Galaxy S7 : Next Galaxy Beast In The Row

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the future products by Samsung. Galaxy series has been known as most loved and most popular series of phone at an affordable price.
In this article we will look at all the rumor about the release date, specs, its specification and features.
Now coming to the information that the consumer looks forward with a keen interest that is the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S7. As all the expectations, important features are in this part of the article.
So have a look at the below mentioned specs and specification which makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 an amazing smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specification

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specification
The Samsung Galaxy S7 is assumed to have a 4k super Amoled display, while the screen will be 5.5-inch. The screen will be protected by Gorilla Glass. Android 5.0.2 was used as a software front in Samsung Galaxy S6. So it’s expected that Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a software front of Android 6.0.x.


In the last arrived Samsung Galaxy S model that is Samsung Galaxy S6 Qualcomm chip was replaced by 64 bit Octa core processor. This way the expectation of users from Samsung have increased way too much. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is assumed to have a True Octa-Core 3.X GHz processor.


Till now any laptop with 6 GB RAM hasn’t been made or is made available by any company in the market yet. So being provided a 6GB RAM in a smart phone by Samsung company in Samsung Company S7 is a cherry on the cake for consumers. Having such RAM and Processor user can enjoy the fastest speed on a cell phone.

Internal Memory

The Samsung Galaxy S series is known for providing a gigantic internal memory. So how could the trend be broken by the Samsung company. Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to have 128 GB internal memory.

HMP Technology

Yes! HMP Technology. After Apple using this technology in the latest iPhone rumors says Samsung company will be using  this technology too in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Note 5. This will not only boost the speed, but there is a rumor that it will complete its cycle in just 3 whereas it take 6 in Apple. Yes not only phones, but Samsung seems to be after phablets as well as they seem to be overtaking the mobile industry from its roots and soon pose a threat to the king company Apple with their high end devices, ultra sleek designs and features that even Apple would reckon with.


Living in an era where taking selfie is a new trend. Samsung doesn’t want to disappoint its users, and just like last time Samsung Galaxy S6 arrived with a 16 MP rear and 5.1 MP front camera. So coming with a 30 MP rear camera and around 6-8 MP front camera has been a just excepted feature from Samsung Galaxy S7.

5G Network Connection

The heading must have left your eyes to bulge a bit more on the screen. Where many companies are trying to get hold on 4G. Samsung wants its users to have the best browsing experience by 5G network connection. Now everything thing is a click away just one click.


And now how could I end this article without letting you know the release date and price. According to the rumor mill Samsung Galaxy S7 will be launched by the end of 2015 or in early 2016. Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to be about 58-60 k in India Rupee. The next smartphone in the row would be Samsung Galaxy S8. But still there is a lot of time in release of the smartphone

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  1. Hi Chetan, I am not a fan of gadget reviews or gadgets but still I loved reading how you have described about the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7. The screen will be protected by Gorilla glass? That's really great!

    – Rohan.

  2. Hello, I got a correction to one of the points : HMP Tech. The Heterogeneous Multi Processing Technology was not first introduced in iPhone 6. It was already available from the Samsung Galaxy S4, on it's Exynos 5 Octa SoC. It is now widely being used in most ARM processors. And it's not an apple first.

  3. Hi Abhijith,

    Thanks for the correction. We will edit the post with the correct information.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

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  4. Hi Rohan,

    Its good to see you here. I'm glad you liked the Samsung Galaxy S7 review.

    There will be a Gorilla Glass to save your Galaxy S7 from damage.

    Thanks for the comment. Keep visiting.

    – Vinay.

  5. Hi Pradeep,

    Galaxy is the only series that had kept Samsung in the Battle. I also appreciate Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Till now, no information has been provided if there will be something like Samsung Galaxy S7 or not.

    We can only wait for the officials to share some info regarding it.

    Thanks for engaging here. Keep Visiting

    – Vinay.

  6. Hi Yuike,

    Glad you liked it. Hope you've enjoyed reading this article.
    Thanks for your valuable comment.



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