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The Xperia Z5 on it’s way to roll!

Sony Xperia Z5: We all get a wide smug when we think of smartphones. There are a lot of smartphones now a days, some give you perfect design, some the perfect camera, some perfect screen and so on. There are smartphones that will go on till then end of the world on a single charge but, they are as good as Stephen Hawkins, who is a great person, but most of him doesn’t work.


The company: Sony

Well, that’s not the case with some companies in this market, who not only promise power, but also beauty in terms of design. Sony is one of them. At this point you would go browsing for more but hold on, Sony has genuinely pulled up its socks and the result is their Xperia Z5. You might say that it is too early to talk about that phone but no it is not actually, especially when its specifications have been released. In the Z3, Sony presented a mind blowing body design and at the same time, mesmerizing power. Well, if it is a smartphone, then power always comes first.

Take a look at the amazing concept design of this ravishing smartphone:


The Expected Features of the Smartphone:Sony Xperia Z5

Sony and power goes the same way and that is why you will have a 4GB RAM speed at your disposal which is fitted in the pone along with a 3.2 Octa Core Quallcomm Snapdragon 64 Bit Processor, which in simple lay man’s language means power to reach the moon. Well that is seriously some extraordinary stuff from Sony and will definitely lift the company’s sales. The Xperia series was first launched in the year 2008 by the company. This was the starting era of the smartphones and even in that time, Sony pulled off an amazing looking phone with an absolute jewel of a processor.

In the later years, the company started focusing on the camera which this time is the main highlight of the Z5. So photographers, listen to this. Sony will be fitting a 30 Mega Pixel camera with laser and G+ sensors, which are generally found in your favorite SLR or D-SLR Cameras. If you are a girl or a hobo, you can use its front camera to do pointless things, which people call as selfies. It has got a 10 Mega Pixel Front Camera with Face Detection Technology. Isn’t that something to be in the front?

It will stand in like amazing competition with Galaxy Note 6, apple iphone 8, Galaxy S7 and LG G5 as well.

Will your expectations feel satisfied in the Xperia Z5?

You will be given a massive inbuilt space of 128 GB which is enough to hold your data and movies and , lets say videos. Just like any other phone, Sony is also putting in a fast charging battery technology which will charge the giant 4500 Mah Battery in just 30 minutes! Seriously, 30 minutes is a astonishing time, so what appears that here also Sony has made an improvement, unlike other companies. There will be bunch of other stuff too, like a 4K resolution screen, fingerprint scanner that will be standardized with the launch of Android M, gravity sensors and the best of all, iRiS scanner. iRis Scanner will unlock your phone by scanning your retina.

Let us see how much we will be charged for the device by Sony for this amazing piece of art.


  1. Sony is one of the best smartphone makers in the industry even though they are highly priced. They produce class with performance. I’m looking forward to get the Sony Xperia Z5

  2. The Xperia Z5 received an overall score of 87 points. By comparison, the
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge received 86, and the new Google Nexus 6P got 84.
    The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? They only got 82.”
    I don’t get it. 1 point of advantage over their closest competitor counts as “revolutionary”?

  3. I am a BIG BIG FAN of SONY XPERIA series. Love the way they are designed. So I’m very excited to see Xperia bringing another FABULOUS phone for all SONY XPERIA FANS. Xperia Z5 is better than expected.

  4. Sony is among the best when it comes to smartphones. Though the price is always on the higher side but still I am looking forward to Sony Xperia Z5


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