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Track Lost Android Phone: Track Down Your Phone Easily

Believe it or not, losing phone as been reported as the most reported as one of the most common lost and found items all over the world. And loosing your smart phone can cause a lot of hassle as smart phones now-a-days carry more personal data of the owner than his own PC/Laptop.

Track lost android phone

And also keeping in mind that, you will be kept with no mean of recovering your data or even deleting your data remotely if you don’t have an anti-theft installed before your device was lost or stolen.

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Get Back Your Phone OR….

Smart phone being the only source of being connected instantly to your mails, calls, video calls and much more contains tons of data’s that will be very vital for your. This may include contacts, files, photos or pdf files or much more.You smart phone may contain more then just your official working space, it may contain your own personal life photography, videos  and many more memories and this could be a really big problem if it falls in to the hands of a wrong person.


Tracklost android phone

Did that just made you worry more about your lost android phone? Don’t have an anti theft installed in it? Well you don’t need an anti theft to track down your lost android phone. Though these steps may be a little longer then just tracking down your android phone with an anti theft apps, it’s worth a try getting back your device.

1 Simple Way to Track down Your Lost Phone:

Using Android Device Manager (ADM)

Android Device Manager is a convenient device tracking tool offered by Google. Using this tracking tool you can easily locate your android smartphone or tablet. For making use of this tool you don’t need to install any app on your device. But, there are few requirements in order to get your job done using Android Device Manager.

  • Your android device must be signed into your Google Account.
  • Your lost device must be connected to internet.
  • Your lost device must be powered on.

With the latest update, Google embedded some more feature for AMD, which will let you track down your registered device even in an easier way. Simply entering a search term as “where is my phone”, Google will display search result along with a map locating your device above the search result. Below here is stepwise instruction to track your android device using Google’s ADM.

  1. Log into your Google account and keep it logged in. Now, visit the site Android Device Manager.
  2. Now, if you are having more than one registered device, assure to choose the right one clicking the arrow next to the name of device.
  3. ADM will immediately attempt to track down your phone and will display the approx. site of your lost phone or tablet.

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Before you get started with Google’s ADM make sure the tool is enabled. I order to enable AMD, open your Google Settings Application> select your Android Device Manager. The ADM locator Feature might be enabled by its default, but if you want to enable remote data wipe, go to “Allow remote factory reset”, followed by “Activate” alternative.

Now, once you have found the location of your device after following all the above instruction, you must be able to let your device ring to find it if the device is nearby. Or, you can erase all the data on your device to prevent your private data from wrong hands. Also you can lock your android device.

And this is it, this is how simple it is to track down your lost android phone.


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