How Web Design can Influence Conversion Rates of a Website

Web design not only entails the design that you see on a website but also the whole architecture, structure, user interface, as well as the website’s layout that is performed with the aid of colors, images, contrast and typefaces among other aspects.

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Not only does the website’s design represent the business, but also has a significant influence on how successful the business sales are generated through the site. Based on the web design fundamentals and other techniques used to develop a website, high or low conversion rates can be realized through the site.

  • Focus on the Usability

If you happen to own a business in Blackburn, any professional web design company in Blackburn will tell you that the first thing you ought to deal with to make sure that visitors to your site are converted into buyers is to choose a web design that is not only highly usable but also accessible. You will need to research and talk to your customers and other users of the site to find out if it is intuitive and user-friendly. Research shows that visitors to any website often create an opinion regarding its usability within the initial few seconds they spend on it. Here are some of the factors that can help you to improve your website’s usability.

  • Readability of the content– This contributes to the general usability of your site, thus it should be legible, informative and easy to understand
  • High speed– This has to do with the responsiveness of your site. Remember that nobody wants to spend a few minutes waiting for content to load on your site or for drop down lists to open as this will surely turn visitors away from your site.


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The other element that is important when it comes to boosting your traffic, conversion rates and profits is SEO. You need to focus on ASEO because it is what puts websites high up on the search engine result pages. You need to spend ample time to get to know the appropriate and effective strategies for SEO. When you use high-quality SEO approaches, the amount of traffic to your site increases and this often leads to improved chances of better sales. If your business happens to be based in Blackburn, you can visit Red-Fern to learn how they use SEO to improve conversion rates on your business website.

  • Using Conversion-friendly Design Features

The need for having conversion-centric design features when you want to boost conversion rates cannot be underestimated. Certain web design features will directly influence conversion rates. Once you manage to do this the right way, you can be assured that visitors to your site will be compelled to take some action that you expect. Some of the things that you can do here include:

  • Putting large heading on the very important elements and pieces of information
  • Maintaining font hierarchy
  • Avoiding clutter on the web pages
  • Clearly display social proof, search bars, navigation buttons, sign up forms, and social media links among other vital elements


There is no doubt that web design has an influence on the conversion rates of any website. It is therefore, important to ensure that you have a web design that incorporates the principles that help in improving web design. Overall, your website needs to be user-friendly, accessible, responsive and attractive. It must provide useful information that answers the questions that visitors might have about your services or products. To get it right the first time and always right thereafter, it pays to seek the services of an expert web design company to do the job with you.

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