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Warning!! Don’t Use Whatsapp Web for Google Chrome.

Last Month Whatsapp Inc. launched official PC Version of Whatsapp which is now popularly known as Whatsapp for Google Chrome or Whatsapp Web.

Since launched in 2009, programmers & webmasters had always tried to create a PC version of Whatsapp. Nowadays, if we just search for a general phrase like “how to use Whatsapp on computer” on Google  we will find millions of results. See the below snapshot…

Whatsapp Web for Google Chrome

Just a simple search has 10 Million+ results. So, think how much results you will find when you’ll search a trending Keyword.

The easiest way to use whatsapp on pc is by installing android emulators. But, before I tell you why not to use WhatsApp Web on Google Chrome let’s discuss about Android Emulator.

What is Android Emulator?

According to Google, the Android SDK(Software development kit) includes a mobile device emulator – A virtual mobile device that runs on your computer. The emulator lets you develop and test Android Applications without using a physical device(smartphone, tablets, etc).

Some of the most used android emulators that can be installed to use whatsapp on PC are Bluestacks, youwave, etc.

So, before I tell you how to use Whatsapp Web for Google Chrome let us check out the new Whatsapp Web Interface.

Whatsapp Web Interface

When you open Whatsapp web (www.web.whatsapp.com),  a screen with QR code and different supported OS appears.
Check the screenshot below.
 whatsapp web interface
Once you scan the QR code, and access whatsapp web you will find a screen like the image below.
 whatsapp web for google chrome


So this is all about whatsapp web interface and you can also find much more there when you access whatsapp web version.

Whatsapp Web Client Limitations!

There are many limitations in the whatsapp web version as it’s just simply a web client. In the following lines, we’ve listed all the limitations of WhatsApp for Google Chrome we found after using for around a month.

1. Smartphone Should be Connected to Internet All Time.

Once you’ve scanned the QR code from your phone and paired it with the WhatsApp Web client, you need to keep your phone connected to internet all the time in order to keep using whatsapp web. As soon as your phone got disconnected, you will be unable to use whatsapp web service until you get your phone intertnet-connected again.

2. Whatsapp Web Costs You 2x Data Consumption.

This limitation of WhatsApp Web client is simply the outcome of the above limitation which asks you to keep your smartphone internet-connected while you’re using whatsapp on Google Chrome.
As a result, using same application on two different devices will definitely cost you 2x more data than usual.

3. iOS Not Supported by Whatsapp Web Version.

You can use whatsapp web with all the operating systems except iOS. This service is not available for Apple users as Apple platform has some limitations.
But, authorities have claimed that they will soon extend the support for iOS users but till then they will be limited to use Whatsapp on iPhone only.

4. Accessed Only on Google Chrome Browser.

Another flaw of this web client is that it supports only the largest used internet browser, i.e. Google Chrome and that’s why it is mostly called as Whatsapp for Google Chrome.
If you’re a die-hard fan of browsers like Mozilla firefox, Internet explorer, etc then you will have to switch to google chrome in order to use whatsapp on internet browsers.

5. Unable to Access On Different Devices At a Time.

After our one month experience of using Web Whatsapp, we found that we can’t access it at two different computers at a time.
For example, suppose that you’ve a PC and a laptop and you’re using whatsapp on PC but due to some issue you want to use it on laptop while it is already running on Google.
For such a situation, you’ll not be allowed to access whatsapp web on laptop.

6. Making & Leaving Groups Not Supported.

Another issue with this whatsapp pc version is that, it only allows you to chat within already existing groups.
If you want to create a new group or leave an already existing group, again you will have to access whatsapp on smartphone and then do whatever task you want to do.

7. Blocking Users Not Allowed On Whatsapp Web.

We often find many irritating fellows on social media. Same is the case with Whatsapp, some irritating people used to get your contact number and start flooding your inbox with their sense-less messages.
In smartphones, we’re allowed to block such people but if you’re using whatsapp web on Google Chrome you will not be able to block anyone.
Again, you’ll have to access your smartphone in order to block someone from your contact list on WhatsApp.

Wrapping It Up:

So, these were some of the limitations I was asking you not to use WhatsApp Web on Google Chrome. WhatsApp Web client became very popular, the day it was launched officialy.
But, still it is obvious that every application, software, etc has some defects which we got to know just after using that particular product significantly. Same is the case with Whatsapp Web for Google Chrome official version and I am damn sure that they’ll soon  fix all of the flaws in the web client.
So, you can still check out How to Use WhatsApp Web on Google Chrome.


  1. Hi Vinay,

    You are correct. Just after the release itself certain cons were highlighted by the official WhatsApp blog. Good to see that you have complied and presented all the cons sequentially. To be Honest, The web version didn't impress me much and I am sure after reading this post you too would agree to me.

    Thanks for sharing this post on Facebook. Have a relaxing Sunday.
    – Rohan Chaubey.

  2. Hi Vinay,

    I am on of those WhatsApp Web hating guys. It comes with no use, but just shows up on another screen, the bigger one. I remember a guy pointing out the flaw in it, the photo sync malfunction so recently. Thank you for coming up with some more reasons.

    -Sasidhar Kareti

    1. It’s a very useful tool. I use it if I’m at my PC and also chatting to someone on whats app. Why do I like it ?
      1) because I get to write quickly and easily on a proper keyboard thus avoiding all those spelling mistakes.
      2) I can copy and past URLs from other sites and upload photos.
      3) I don’t have to sit with my phone in my hands. I can be doing other stuff online.
      4) I can now delete photos and messages ( recently added)
      As I said it’s a very handy little tool. There’s nothing to knock about it.

  3. Hi Rohan,

    Glad to see you again here on Techno Overdose.

    That was a wise step by Whatsapp officials that they mentioned their flaws themselves but I tried to find out all the problems and published here so that everyone could not about it.

    I agree with you that Whatsapp Web for Google Chrome was not that successful to impress eveyone and drive visitors.

    Thanks for commenting.

    Keep Visiting

  4. Sasidhar, you're right that it is just a useless thing.

    It would have succeeded if they've allowed to access whatsapp without having an account on smartphone.

    Also that photo malfunction was a major defect as many people's private images were spread publicly.

    Thanks for sharing your views here.

    Keep Visiting. 🙂

  5. Warning!! Don’t Use Whatsapp Web for Google Chrome – What is this? Clickbait tittle…. the way you put the tittle, i would have expect some major security flaws in the whatapp app.

    Those points you mentioned are merely LIMITATIONS …. limitation is better than nothing isn’t it?

    I do use whatapp web all the time. My work requires me to be infront of pc all the time, and having to use whatapp as main mean of communication with friends, colleque, client & vendors …. i appreciate whatsapp web for ONE SOLID reason ….. KEYBOARD.


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