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WiFi Booster App – That You Must Try On Your Android Device

Every android devices come up with an inbuilt WiFi connection facility. Well, it plays a vital role in any Smartphones. In today’s generation, it is now available on every campus of college, airport, and restaurant, etc. Surrounded with the internet connection. But in order to improve the performance of the WiFi connectivity, you can use some WiFi booster app on your device.

wifi booster app

Using Wi-Fi booster app is an amazing experience as you can browse the internet at a very impressive speed, even when you don’t have internet pack on your device. But WiFi connectivity also has some disadvantage like when you do not maintain a certain distance, you will automatically lose the internet connectivity from the preferred WiFi hotspots.

It is very important to remain in the area of the wireless internet connection to make the WiFi booster app work on your android devices.

If you are looking for a WiFi booster app for your device to speed up your internet connectivity, you definitely have visited the right place. Here I am going to provide you a list of free WiFi booster app which will make your day.

5 Best WiFi Booster App: You must try out for your Android devices

Here I have a list of 5 best WiFi booster app that you must try out for your android devices. Using these free internet connectivity booster it will make your work faster than ever. Now you don’t need to waste your time simply on looking for the best WiFi booster. Just try them out on your respective device.

1. WiFi Signal Booster

Wi-Fi Signal Booster is one of the popular WiFi booster apps, that is developed for Smartphones. It actually provides you an improvement in WiFi signals to speed up internet connection. If you do have trouble with your Wi-Fi poor connectivity, then for getting a strong strength signal internet connection you should pick the WiFi Signal booster app.

wifi signal booster

It will definitely increase the performance of your internet connection, boosting up your Android device. WiFi signal Booster app optimizes your android phone using a wireless module. It also improves the efficiency of wireless connectivity up to a certain level for improving a stable internet connection. It also increases the signal strength of the WiFi connection.

2. Internet Booster and optimizer

Internet Booster and optimizer is just another one of the most powerful WiFi connectivity booster app developed for Android devices. This application will speed up your WiFi signal strength and optimize all of your network speed and help you to enjoy the faster browsing facility.

internet booster and optimizer

It is perhaps one of the best internet connectivity booster applications for an Android phone, as that will give your device faster performance.

It does not make sense on which kind of internet networks connected it might be 2G, 3G or 4G network. The Internet browser and optimizer application will help you to connect to a speed internet connection.

3. WiFi Manager

WiFi-Manager is another amazing WiFi application for Android devices. It helps to manage the internet connectivity on your device. Using this application you can easily search any hotspots nearby you and make a connection with one of the best signals on your device.

wifi manager

The WiFi manager application automatically detects the WiFi networks and connects to a preferred signal network with a good quality of strength. You can also check out the speed of the internet connectivity and the speed of a network.

The function are unique, as it has geographical channel radar which improves the connection quality of your internet connection. It also fixes the dynamic IP address for ultimately boosting up the quality and the strength of the signals.

The function are unique, as it has geographical channel radar which improves the connection quality of your internet connection. It also fixes the dynamic IP address for ultimately boosting up the quality and the strength of the signals.

4. WiFi Speed Booster

Are you one of those who is not satisfied with the speed of the internet browsing on your device? Then you can boost up your device using the WiFi Speed Booster. It is one for the free WiFi booster application which can speed up your internet connectivity two times faster than any other WiFi booster application.

wifi speed booster

Most of the time when you do not turn off the mobile data, it keeps on consuming some amount of data. In order to avoid that, the WiFi automatically detects all the running application and then close all the apps which ultimately boost up the WiFi connectivity speed on your Android device.

5. Wi-Fi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is a useful signal booster application, which is used for boosting the WiFi connectivity for Android device. This application will help you to detect the best WiFi connection provided nearby your area and automatically connect it with your device.

wifi analyzer

It is an application which is just developed for your device. WiFi analyzer is indeed very easy to use and free application, as that will help you to connect easily to a network with a good signal quality.


Many internet users assumed that the strength of WiFi signals mainly depend on the speed of the internet connection provided by the internet service provider. But it is not the internet connectivity that weakens the speed of the signals strength of the network. However, in order to ease all of those internet connectivity problems, you will need to one of those above-stated wifi booster app on your Android device. It will let you enjoy a better performance in internet connection.

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