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Xender File Transfer : Between Android – PC

With on growing popularity of Smartphone users around the world, the need of sharing fun stuffs between mobile devices also increasing constantly. And of course, those tangled data cables and snail-some Bluetooth from “The Era of Adam” are not acceptable options anymore.

Xender File Transfer


Thanks to techno-masters, for all those efficient tools like Xender file transfer app and more more like that. You must be familiar with name Xender, no doubt with that. Xender file transfer app is one of the best in the current android market.

The Android file transfer app is very convenient in sharing file from one device to another. But did you know that the app now also supports on Window PC, Mac, and iPhone devices?

Xender for Windows PC, iMac, iPhone, Windows Phone

You might have heard about third party software or android emulator, which is required to install an android application on PC computers. Ironically, Xender does not need any android emulator to be installed in your Windows computer. It has everything within itself.

All you have to do is get the Xender file transfer app installed in your Android phone or tablet. From your android device, you can share anything to multi-platforms. Using Xender app, you can connect your android phone to Windows phone or computer, Mac, and even iPhone.


Connect ‘Android-PC’ Using Xender File Transfer App

Either you need to transfer important files from your phone to PC, or you want to collect interesting stuffs from someone’s phone to your computer. Everything you can get with Xender application in ease. You don’t really need to download Xender APK files or install Xender for PC, like you had to for sharing contents between two mobile phones.


If you are using Xender app already, then I suggest you to update its latest version. And if you don’t have one, just don’t waste your time. What’s in the new version of Xender app is its built-in multi-platform sharing feature. Using this feature, just connect to any device and do your sharing.

How to Connect Android to Pc ?

Xender application has an user-friendly interface. So, you can get your job done real easy. Nevertheless, here is the step-wise procedure to connect phone with PC using Xender app.

Step 1: Choose Your Platform


Firstly, open Xender app on your android phone and tap the orange colored icon  floating on the screen. It will take you to the file transfer page, where you can find options to connect various platforms.


Here, you need to tab your preferred option “PC/Mac”, located bottom of the screen.

Note: While proceeding with these steps, make sure that you have a connected your Phone and PC with the same WiFi connection.

Step 2: Scan QR Code

After choosing your sharing device, you will be asked to visit ‘’ from your computer device.


Once the website is open, click on the “Scan” button from your phone and scan the QR Code appeared in the “” webpage with your android device.


Once the scan is complete, both your Android and computer device will be connected automatically.

How to Share Files?

Once your android device is connected with computer device, you can proceed to transfer files. You can transfer your from PC to phone in two ways. Once is ‘selecting files manually and uploading through the Xender webpage’, and other is ‘Drag and Drop’ process. I personally preferred ‘drag and drop’ process which is easier.

PC to Phone: If you want to transfer files from PC to phone, simply select the files you want to transfer, then ‘Drag-and-Drop’ it. In order to drag and drop your files smoothly, I suggest you to open and keep side-by-side both the “Xender Web” window and your file location window from where you are about to share files.



While connecting your phone and PC, if you didn’t connected the devices under same WiFi network, or using “Cloud mode”, you won’y be able to share files of more than 10 MB size.


Don’t panic if ever see this prompt window. If you want to share bigger size files, you must connect your devices under the same Wifi network or choose to use off-line mode.

Phone to PC: Now, for transferring files from your phone to PC, click on the “Files” icon; and then navigate the location of file you want to share.


Next, select the file and then click on the “Download” icon located just next to “Upload File” option on top of the page.


As soon as you click on the download icon, your preferred files will be loaded on your PC from Android phone.

Click on the below link to connect and share your files between Android and iOS Smartphones-

Xender File Transfer : Android to iOS

If you face any issue while following the instruction, feel free to ask for solutions and stay updated on our site. Xender file transfer app for Windows phones will be posted very soon.

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  4. Xender is an awesome app and I personally use it on both my smartphone and on my computer. This is the only way to transfer files between devices at blazing fast speed. I am sure that you will agree with me about it.

    – James P

    1. Author

      Hello James

      Certainly, I agree with your statement. Xender has been improving their service quality over the time. It is expected that Xender will be even more convenient in sharing contents across multiplatform in the coming days.

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